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The million-euro gamble

Opinion by Mat Oxley, July 6th 2016

How much does it cost to get into Grand Prix racing? If you need to ask, you...

A Jackass joins the Aussie pantheon!

Opinion by Mat Oxley, June 28th 2016

Jack Miller’s win was hugely popular and richly deserved, but do MotoGP’s...

Interviewing Valentino Rossi

Opinion by Ed Foster, June 22nd 2016

You want an interview with a nine-time Le Mans winner? No problem. How about a...

Assen: where stuff happens

Opinion by Mat Oxley, June 22nd 2016

MotoGP’s most historic venue has a habit of dramatically affecting the title...

John Surtees honours Valentino Rossi

Opinion by Web Editor, June 21st 2016

On May 31 Valentino Rossi was inducted into the Motor Sport Hall of Fame. The...

Next: the Rossi Museum!

Opinion by Mat Oxley, June 13th 2016

It had to happen: VR is building his own museum in Italy Knock down the...

What will be Salom’s legacy?

Opinion by Mat Oxley, June 8th 2016

Hopefully the creation of some kind of system that delivers the right kind of...

Podcast: Kristensen, Turner, Oliver, Bell, Mat Oxley and Damien Smith

Opinion by Ed Foster, June 1st 2016

Last night's Motor Sport Hall of Fame kicked off with a panel discussion on...

The Isle of Man TT…

Opinion by Mat Oxley, May 31st 2016

… a wild, crazy anachronism in an even wilder, crazier world On Saturday...

Could 2017 be Rossi’s year?

Opinion by Mat Oxley, May 25th 2016

The 2016 season has only just started, but 2017 is already looking good for VR...

MotoGP’s dark side: the twits and the trolls

Opinion by Mat Oxley, May 17th 2016

Valentino Rossi talks about rider bullying on social media: “it’s very bad”...

Predicting the unpredictable

Opinion by Mat Oxley, May 11th 2016

Looking back at Le Mans and forward to the greatest race of the year Was Jorge...

MotoGP tyre disasters: a history

Opinion by Mat Oxley, May 4th 2016

MotoGP is going through a tough time with tyres, but how long has this been...

Pedrosa’s slightness of being

Opinion by Mat Oxley, April 26th 2016

In light (no pun intended) of Mat's recent piece on Rossi's weight advantage (...

Rossi's secret

Opinion by Mat Oxley, April 25th 2016

He’s old and he’s fat I’m joking, of course, but not entirely Valentino Rossi’...

“For me now it is just the taste of victory”

Opinion by Ed Foster, April 24th 2016

Valentino Rossi explains why he still loves racing The drive from Malaga...

Dorna: un favor, por favor

Opinion by Mat Oxley, April 20th 2016

Here’s a special MotoGP request ahead of this weekend’s Jerez GP I’m often a...

Why did Lorenzo do it?

Opinion by Mat Oxley, April 18th 2016

Why Rossi’s failure on the Ducati could be Lorenzo’s biggest reason for going...

Why MotoGP is going backwards

Opinion by Mat Oxley, April 12th 2016

There’s very little all the factories agree on, but engine rotation is one of...

The new MotoGP title favourites?

Opinion by Mat Oxley, April 5th 2016

Many people thought the secret to MotoGP 2016 would be smoothness, but Sunday’s...



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