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Rules and regs the hot topic in MotoGP

Opinion by Mat Oxley, September 26th 2012

It’s ten days since a potentially thrilling climax to the MotoGP championship...

Who's it going to be: Jorge or Dani?

Opinion by Mat Oxley, September 11th 2012

In MotoGP, no race is any more important than another. They all carry 25 points...

Honda: goodbye MotoGP, hello WSB?

Opinion by Mat Oxley, August 29th 2012

These are strange days in MotoGP. World Champion Casey Stoner is quitting and...

Rossi’s tactical retreat

Opinion by Mat Oxley, August 15th 2012

As a world-class cynic who fled his hometown for the duration of the London...

Rossi: should I stay or should I go?

Opinion by Mat Oxley, August 1st 2012

I like to think that Valentino Rossi is currently in the midst of a US road...

Is Ducati getting there?

Opinion by Mat Oxley, July 18th 2012

Chip, chip, chip… That’s the sound of Ducati’s MotoGP crew slowly chipping away...

The curse of the home Grand Prix

Opinion by Mat Oxley, June 20th 2012

Cal Crutchlow will be sore in body and mind this week. For him, Sunday’s Hertz...

The importance of cost-cutting

Opinion by Rob Widdows, June 15th 2012

In the MotoGP paddock at Silverstone this week there was a great deal of talk...

MotoGP’s Civil War: the final showdown

Opinion by Mat Oxley, June 5th 2012

The war has been going on for some while now and finally the deciding battle is...

Strange days in MotoGP

Opinion by Mat Oxley, May 23rd 2012

Casey Stoner’s retirement bombshell overshadowed everything at Le Mans, but it...

Surtees and Ago: now officially legends!

Opinion by Mat Oxley, February 17th 2012

Great to see the two grandest men of bike racing inducted into the Motor Sport...

Motor racing superstitions

History by Rob Widdows, January 13th 2012

Today, in case you had not noticed, is Friday the thirteenth of January. Lucky...

Calling Mystic Rob…

Opinion by Rob Widdows, January 5th 2011

It has become a custom for me to offer some predictions for the season ahead....

The best and worst of ’09

Opinion by Rob Widdows, December 24th 2009

OK, here we are, the right side of the winter solstice, and just two packets of...

Now for a proper race track…

Opinion by Rob Widdows, August 25th 2009

This is an interesting time of year for many reasons, not all of them connected...

Bikes exciting, cars interesting

Question and Answer by Nigel Roebuck, August 20th 2009

Dear Nigel, I fear the podium of excitement in motor sport may currently be...

Silverstone’s new track

Opinion by Ed Foster, February 18th 2009

Having lost the British Grand Prix to Donington, Silverstone replied by...

The talented few of motorised sport

Opinion by Rob Widdows, October 6th 2008

I’ve been thinking. Well, you need some thinking time when the editor is asking...

A weekend to savour

Opinion by Rob Widdows, September 15th 2008

What a weekend that was! You just didn’t know where to look next! There was...



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