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June's podcast with Cal Crutchlow

Opinion by Ed Foster, June 14th 2012

It was up to Silverstone for our latest podcast to see MotoGP Tech 3 Yamaha...

MotoGP’s Civil War: the final showdown

MotoGP Opinion by Mat Oxley, June 5th 2012

The war has been going on for some while now and finally the deciding battle is...

Strange days in MotoGP

MotoGP Opinion by Mat Oxley, May 23rd 2012

Casey Stoner’s retirement bombshell overshadowed everything at Le Mans, but it...

When modern technology goes bad

Opinion by Mat Oxley, May 10th 2012

Personally, I hate all new technology, without exception. Well, except anything...

Ducati to pull out of MotoGP?

Opinion by Mat Oxley, April 25th 2012

VW Audi ownership will change Ducati, as it did Lamborghini. And what might...

Stoner's dreaded pump and chatter

Opinion by Mat Oxley, April 11th 2012

Jorge Lorenzo had a perfect weekend in Qatar, his body and motorcycle in...

Stoner wins MotoGP’s ‘phoney war’

Opinion by Mat Oxley, March 26th 2012

So that’s that, then – the final shots of the ‘phoney war’ were fired at Jerez...

'Racing' up the Goodwood hill

Opinion by Andrew Frankel, March 15th 2012

The Goodwood press day is the only one in the year where I am allowed to play...

Gary Nixon, the last of the hell-raisers

Opinion by Mat Oxley, March 14th 2012

Next Sunday, March 17, marks the 71st running of the Daytona 200, once the...

Cal Crutchlow on Stoner and Lorenzo

Opinion by Mat Oxley, February 29th 2012

British MotoGP rider Cal Crutchlow spent last season learning how to ride a...

Surtees and Ago: now officially legends!

MotoGP Opinion by Mat Oxley, February 17th 2012

Great to see the two grandest men of bike racing inducted into the Motor Sport...

Why TT racers are a breed apart

Road Racing Question and Answer by Nigel Roebuck, February 13th 2012

Dear Nigel, I was wondering if you have seen TT3D: Closer to the Edge? Do you...

How do you beat a man like Stoner?

Opinion by Mat Oxley, February 6th 2012

About this time of year in 2007 I watched Casey Stoner and his wife Adriana...

Valentino Rossi, Madonna and Ducati*

Opinion by Mat Oxley, January 20th 2012

Unless you’re at the sharp end of racing – frantically fettling in readiness of...

Motor racing superstitions

History by Rob Widdows, January 13th 2012

Today, in case you had not noticed, is Friday the thirteenth of January. Lucky...

Doing it for Simoncelli

Opinion by Mat Oxley, January 4th 2012

We still haven’t heard the results of the official investigation into Marco...

Mat Oxley’s 2011 MotoGP awards

Opinion by Mat Oxley, December 22nd 2011

The end of the year is of course a time for reflection, so here follows some of...

Changing the rules for Rossi?

Opinion by Mat Oxley, December 8th 2011

Has there ever been a motor sport World Championship more reliant upon one star...

Honda’s electric game-changer?

Opinion by Mat Oxley, November 24th 2011

Electric power has had a faltering start in bike racing, as though there’s a...

Marco Simoncelli 1987-2011

Opinion by Ed Foster, October 23rd 2011

Marco Simoncelli has died from injuries sustained in an accident on the second...



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