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The drive to save Donington

Opinion by Ed Foster, January 12th 2010

After the disastrous attempt to host the British Grand Prix at Donington in...

Motor Sport Hall of Fame ticket lottery

Opinion, December 30th 2009

So what is the Motor Sport Hall of Fame? We admit, the concept is hardly a new...

The best and worst of ’09

MotoGP Opinion by Rob Widdows, December 24th 2009

OK, here we are, the right side of the winter solstice, and just two packets of...

Now for a proper race track…

Opinion by Rob Widdows, August 25th 2009

This is an interesting time of year for many reasons, not all of them connected...

Bikes exciting, cars interesting

MotoGP Question and Answer by Nigel Roebuck, August 20th 2009

Dear Nigel, I fear the podium of excitement in motor sport may currently be...

From MV Agusta to Ferrari

History by Damien Smith, July 1st 2009

They called him ‘Il Grande John’ and adopted him as one of their own. Italians...

Rossi slips up, but MotoGP is a winner

Opinion by Rob Widdows, May 18th 2009

On Sunday afternoon I saw Valentino Rossi fall off his motorcycle. I will...

Silverstone’s new track

Opinion by Ed Foster, February 18th 2009

Having lost the British Grand Prix to Donington, Silverstone replied by...

The talented few of motorised sport

Opinion by Rob Widdows, October 6th 2008

I’ve been thinking. Well, you need some thinking time when the editor is asking...

A weekend to savour

Opinion by Rob Widdows, September 15th 2008

What a weekend that was! You just didn’t know where to look next! There was...

Crasher Casey strikes again

Opinion by Ed Foster, September 1st 2008

Having dropped his Ducati for the third race in a row yesterday during the...

Come rain, Goodwood will shine

Opinion by Rob Widdows, July 9th 2008

Isn’t life strange? This week, in the sporting headlines, we have Schumacher...

In the heat of the night

Opinion by Rob Widdows, March 5th 2008

I wonder if anyone else shares my fascination with this night racing thing? Or...



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