Page 72, January 2017

Lunch with... Jean Alesi

He swiftly earned cult status with some feisty performances in his early Grands Prix, but fate decreed that he would score only one F1 victory By a strange quirk of history Jean Alesi’s CV includes...

Page 82, January 2017

Insight: Škoda's sporting history

Bohemian Rhapsody Its Fabia R5 might be one of the success stories of contemporary rallying, but Škoda’s competitive edge is no modern phenomenon. The Czech firm’s sporting pedigree can be traced...

Page 92, January 2017

Brenda Vernor: Life with Ferrari

Power beside the throne Few got close to Enzo Ferrari, but as his English PA Brenda Vernor was closer than most at the Scuderia "You see the drivers every day – they’re just people, neither hot not...

Page 98, January 2017

Retrospective: BMW Procar

Race of champions One car, one aim - provide extra thrills for Grand Prix spectators. For two glorious years Procar did exactly that, could it now be on the brink of a spectacular return? In the...

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