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Page 76, March 2011

Lunch with... Alex Wurz

Tall men are not meant to make top racing drivers, yet he had a busy 12-year career as F1 racer and tester. Now his heart is set on a third Le Mans winBy Simon Taylor Alex Wurz looks like Hollywood’s idea of a racing driver: alert, clear-eyed, charming yet steely, wiry and very fit. And tall. But, as we know, in real life the most successful racing drivers tend to be little guys. It’s not just...

Page 62, January 2011

"I'm not scared of anything - apart from not feeling the passion for racing that i feel right now"

No wonder Rubens Barrichello is happy. Finally, after two decades in the top flight, he is a team leader at Williams, although a certain Mr Schumacher is still testing his patience... No one got hurt in the US Grand Prix at Indianapolis in 2005, but otherwise it was one of the most disastrous days in the history of Formula 1. Michelin, otherwise supreme at the time, for once got its calculations...

Page 78, December 2008

Lunch with... Professor Sid Watkins

His efforts have helped to transform safety in Formula 1, to the benefit of us all. Through almost three decades ‘Prof’ came to be loved by the drivers, and none more so than Senna By Simon Taylor In the relentless theatre of Formula 1, the members of the complex cast – drivers, team chiefs, designers, organisers, circuit owners, officials – may be liked, admired, respected, even feared. But...

Page 28, February 2013

Nigel Roebuck

Reflections - Formula 1 receives warm welcome in Texas - Fate gives Vettel a helping hand... or two - NASCAR promoter Smith requires maths lesson * Over the years veteran US race promoter Bruton Smith has frequently been given to loud-mouthed, ill-advised, proclamations. As the founder of Speedway Motorsports Inc, a company that owns eight tracks and hosts 11 of the NASCAR Sprint Cup races each...

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