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Thursday 3rd September 2015



The versatile Ariel Nomad

“Even with two-wheel drive it’ll go most places a Defender will and on gravel it’s already gone faster than a Group N rally car…”

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It ain’t what you got, it’s where you go with it

Our road car editor finds himself enamoured with a vehicle he expected to hate

McLaren gets it right with the 675LT

After only four years as a full-time road car manufacturer, McLaren has built a supercar it can truly be proud of

Driving the new Mazda MX-5

Recapturing what made the original such a favourite 25 years ago

Will the new Top Gear work?

Can Chris Evans save one of the world’s most popular TV shows, or was it all about Clarkson, Hammond and May?

Driving Ferrari’s 488 GTB

Ferrari’s new car is a triumph, but what’s round the corner might be more exciting

80 years of the driving test

The driving test’s been around a long time, but is it fit for purpose?

Porsche raises the bar

Driving the new GT3 RS: exciting but secure up to 9/10ths, immensely rewarding when pushed harder

Cars on British roads

Why so many cars with massive potential fail to live up to the hype in Britain

Classified spotlight: Jaguar E-type Low Drag Coupé

One of the most attractive examples of an already beautiful and potent machine

Politicians who love cars

Which of the world’s leaders have harboured a passion for the four-wheeled?

Return of the manual ‘box

With both Jaguar and Porsche offering manual transmissions are we seeing a return of drivers’ cars?

Classified spotlight: Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale

A recent special edition Ferrari with an interesting provenance

Turbocharged Ferraris

Is forced induction really the way to keep fuel consumption down in high performance cars?

Porsche’s Cayman GT4

Providing cheaper performance than its 911 stablemates

Forced induction vs natural aspiration

Can you have a turbo motor as responsive as one without? Yes, if you’ve got hybrid power to fill the gaps

Classified spotlight: Porsche 911

A closer look at an FIA-certified rally car with a storied history for sale in our classified area

Geneva: excess all areas

Looking forward to the most ostentatious and exhilarating motor show

Death of the Defender

What makes the original Defender design so beloved, and why its replacement will need to be just right