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Friday 25th April 2014



Hypercars – all just hype

Andrew Frankel thinks that the pursuit of ‘hypercar’ performance can be counter-intuitive

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The return of the rear-engined city car

The new Renault Twingo is rear-engined, much like city cars of old, but why did we start putting the engine up front?

A Lambo to love

Andrew Frankel thinks that Lamborghini’s new Huracan could appeal to a different sort of customer than its existing range

Has Mini gone too far with its new model?

Andrew Frankel asks whether BMW has strayed too far from Alec Issigonis’s original concept for the Mini

Launching a new car company

Andrew Frankel looks at the newly announced David Brown Automotive and what lies ahead for the new company

The death of the dashboard

Andrew Frankel laments the decline of dashboard design over the years

Get Norman Dewis a knighthood

Andrew Frankel on why Jaguar test driver and disc brake developer Norman Dewis deserves to be recognised for his achievements

How to save fuel

Ed Foster goes to Southampton University to talk fuel saving and what we can do to help

Are car journalists ‘bought’?

Andrew Frankel on the difficult balance struck by road testers and how an opinion can’t often be bought

Honda is back

Andrew Frankel thinks Honda is back on the right track with its new Civic Type-R and the planned NSX

BMW’s i3 leads the electric car field

Andrew Frankel thinks the BMW is the best of the electric bunch, but without better range it’s not perfect yet

Charles will be missed at Morgan

Andrew Frankel explains why Morgan’s decision to oust the grandson of the company’s founder makes little sense

Things ain’t what they used to be

Andrew Frankel asks whether new technology really does increase driving pleasure.

Does top speed still matter?

Koenigsegg, the Swedish supercar manufacturer, has just announced the latest version of its Agera supercar, along with the news that …

Alfa Romeo’s 4C launch at Balocco

This is why I love Italy. Last night we turned up at the Balocco test track to attend the press …

Judging at Syon Park’s Salon Privé

What do you think of Concours d’Elegance? I ask because while through my day job testing road cars and sitting …

Jaguar’s SUV

The secret is out. Ish. Jaguar has released the first picture of a new car and so the endless process …

The joys of a 1964 Fiat 500

I fear I may have been taking my own advice a little too seriously. Almost exactly a year ago in …

The return of TVR

I see reports in the press promising that TVRs will be back on sale by 2015. I note the man …

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