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Friday 12th February 2016



What to expect in 2016

Aston Martin, Bentley, Alfa Romeo, Renault, Honda… They all have reasons to make 2016 a year to look forward to

Most recent

Porsche’s new 911

It’s the most impressive yet least-charming new 911 Frankel has driven in the last 10 years.

Return of the manual ‘box

With both Jaguar and Porsche offering manual transmissions are we seeing a return of drivers’ cars?

Looking forward to 2015

From the new Ford Mustang to the new Aston Martin Vantage GT3 – there’s lots to look forward to in 2015

The Ferrari FXX K

Ferrari’s bizarre naming strategy continues with the FXX K…

Death of the super-SUV

Would it be so bad if luxury and supercar manufacturers’ SUVs never made it to market?

Affordable classics

Five classics that won’t break the bank like their more illustrious stable-mates

Jaguar’s XE unveiled

An unusual launch event at London’s Earls Court

The value of data

0-60mph times, top speed and fuel consumption figures, ‘Ring lap times… What are they worth?

Getting the steering right

Why a good steering wheel can make all the difference

A connection too far

Have todays cars got too complicated? Andrew thinks the new Cactus might be…

Classic car prices

With the market spiralling upwards, is it heading for another collapse?

Reading your fellow road user

How to avoid trouble on the road

Slowly does it

Old and slow vs new and fast

A summer look at winter tyres

Pirelli at the SnowDome

The Google self-drive car

What does Google’s autonomous car mean for those of us that use the roads every day?

Driving the LaFerrari

Let loose around Fiorano in Ferrari’s new hypercar

Recreating the classics

The value of official replicas

Motor Sport on Opinion

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