The already strong Singer representation in trials and rallies will be strengthened in future by the addition of J. Eason Gibson, the well-known Brooklands and Donington driver. He will have the choice of two mounts, either a 9 h.p. or 1i-litre model, according to the nature of the event. Eason Gibson, of course, is the presiding genius of the Beechohne Motor Company, of Nightingale Lane, Clapham Common, where sports car owners can have. ” that little extra” crammed into their engines. The concern is now a direct agent for Singers, so owners of the make in the district will be able to get all the service they want,

4udging by his performance in the J.C.C. Rally when he gained a first-class award and made second fastest time in his class both in the Monte Carlo test and the braking test, Eason Gibson should be a worthy representative of the famous Coventry marque.

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