USEFUL PERFORMANCE LIKELY FOR THE LATEST VI2 4.3-LITRE ATALANTA LAST month MOTOR SPORT VMS able to give the first published road test of the V12 Atalanta saloon, and some details are now to hand concerning the open sports two-seater on this chassis The first of these two-seaters has recently been completed for G. L. Glegg, well known to Shelsley enthusiasts for his handling of the four-wheel-drive

” Dorcas.” Glegg is likely to run his new Atalanta at Shelsley this year.

The two-seater has a wheelbase of 9 ft., which is just a foot shorter than that of the saloon tested by MOTOR SPORT, and with a considerable reduction in weight also, the car should be capable of very high speeds, with acceleration to match. It will be remembered that the saloon tested exceeded 100 m.p.h., in slightly favourable conditions.

When the sports two-seater was seen, it had covered only a little over 1,000 miles, and was thus not yet ripe for allout speeds. On a short run, however, 85 m.p.h. was achieved on what seemed a very small throttle opening, and there is no doubt that the model will join the select band of genuine, give-and-take 100 m.p.h. cars. The bonnet is very long and imposing, and with the low radiator mounting there is a most satisfying view ahead. The hood folds neatly away out of sight, and well-shaped side-curtains are pro vided, as shown in the illustration. In the rounded tail there is plenty of room

for luggage, an excellent feature which is by no means shared by all modern sports two-seaters. Glegg likes to sit with his legs straight out in front of him, and in consequence the writer found the driving position somewhat cramped. However, this merely illustrates the point that in all such matters the manufacturers ere perfectly

willing to build the car according to individual requirements.

The twelve-cylinder side-valve engine, as on the saloon, has a bore of 09.85 mm., and a stroke of 95.25 mm., giving a capacity of 4,379 c.c. The sports twoseater Atalanta costs £655, as compared with £740 for the saloon.

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