Excellent Racing At B.A.R.C. Opening Meeting



Lotus Beats Cooper in F.J. 10-Lap Event in which Jimmy Clark Sets a Lap Record of 90.38 m.p.h.

IT is an extremely good omen for the 1960 Goodwood season, that, although a bitter wind blew and quite a lot of rain fell during the afternoon of March 19th, the stands and enclosures were filled for this year’s first B.A.R.C. Members’ Meeting. Perhaps the attraction was John Surtees’ debut as a racing motorist and if so the motorcycling champion did not disappoint his supporters. After making the fastest lap in practice Surtees finished second in the Formula Junior race to Jimmy Clark—Lotus beating Cooper—after a splendid drive. We had thought that fast as Surtees has been on some hundreds of training miles round Goodwood he might still have something to learn for four-wheeler racing technique and so it proved, for be lost the race because he was momentarily put off his line through Madgwick Corner by another driver who reacted to circumstances differently from the racing motorcyclists whom Suttees is accustomed to pass on corners. But the motorcycle champion handled his Cooper very well indeed and promises well in faster cars.
The big crowd which braved the cold not only saw the arrival of some interesting aeroplanes but were able to appreciate the new amenities at Goodwood, the Paddock now having a proper surface which should obviate muddy shoes in wet weather. They really do look after competitors and spectators at the Sussex circuit, which consequently deserves its success—it is a far more pleasant place than some ex-aerodrome circuits we could name ! Female fashion note—extremely tight trousers seem to be this year’s motor racing wear.

The meeting commenced with a 10-lap Scratch Race for sports cars up to 1,100 c.c. non s/c. J. C. Brierley’s Elva led all the way, hard pressed by von Sickle’s Lotus, until the last lap, when the luckless Brierley came to rest at Madgwiek Corner with engine trouble, allowing von Sickle to win at 83.29 m.p.h. after a well-judged drive. He was very comfortably ahead of the rest of the Lotus-Climax cars, of which those driven by K. Lyon and D. Randall were second and third; von Sickle also made fastest lap, at 85.21 m.p.h. A pity Lotus had no Lola opposition—the only Lola entered, C. Steele’s, didn’t run.
The five-lap Closed Car Race produced, as usual, thrills in plenty. J. F. Harris put his Duraband-shod Morris Mini Minor through the corners at a prodigious speed, getting it sideways-on out of the chicane on one lap, but less tidy but more courageous cornering was put in by C. J. Parkinson’s quite indecently fast Austin A40. which won at 69.72 m.p.h. Early in this heart-constricting race Mackenzie nearly “lost” Richmond’s A40 by locking the wheels at the chicane. Uren’s Ford Zephyr, starting on scratch with Barling’s Elite, gave up after one lap. Powell, using his brakes hard, was the only big car to come up with the early starters. his 3.4 Jaguar finishing second, 9.2 sec. behind the A40, while the gallant Mini Minor was third. Parness went straight on into the chicane, spoiling the frontal aspect of his XK150 coupe, and sending the mobile part of the wall into the path of on-coming cars, which transferred the heart-stopping from the spectators to the marshals. Through it all Duncan appeared to be numing-in a TR3. Before his prang Parness made fastest lap, at 76.46 m.p.h. The Tornado retired and Clark’s 1,380 c.c. VW, which seemed to stand a good chance, failed to appear.
So to the big race of this bitter afternoon—10 laps by the F.J. cars. There were eight non-starters but this left a field of five makes of cars, including Suttees in Tyrrell’s Cooper, the gearbox of which had been changed that morning, two works rear-engined Lotus-Fords, both with Colworth heads, driven by Clark and Taylor, several Elvas and more Coopers, two Deep Sandersons and the Yirnkin. Jimmy Clark was lucky to start, because all morning his Lotus had been on its side on the Paddock loading ramp while Lotus Developments’ mechanics toiled on its engine, the sump of which had been removed.
This didn’t put the forceful Jimmy off and he set off in hard-pursuit of Surtees, whom he took by the end of the second lap. Surtees remained on his tail for a time. then Clark drew away.
Taylor’s Lotus was well placed in third place but began to fall back as the two leaders fought it out. On lap five Surtees passed Clark on Levant straight and, flinging his Cooper through Woodcote and sliding its tail with abandon from the chicane, he stayed ahead. However, at Madgwick these two drivers, virtually tied together. found the Yimkin in their path. Clark without hesitation passed on the left. Suttees, perhaps with motoreyele raring tileties in mind, tried to pass Puzey on the inside. As the Yiankin driver twitched over to let Clark by Suttees was forced on to the grass and the

other Lotus went by into second place, both these rear-engined cars cornering very reasonably. On the very last lap Suttees scraped past Taylor into second place but it was too late—Jimmy Clark won, by 3 sec. He averaged 88.51 m.p.h. and made the fastest loll. at 90.38 m.p.h. (1 min. 35.6 sec.) on a wet track. This equals the 1,100 c.c. Sports car lap record and is nearly 4 see, faster than the F.3 speed, which shows how exciting F.J. is going to be ! Suttees finished ahead of Taylor. Not only did the leaders hold the crowd enthralled, but, a long way behind Arundel’, whose Elva-Auto-Union was fourth, below its Brands Hatch form, a fine duel was contested between Iline’s Cooper and Spence’s Cooper. to Hine’s advantage, Spence hitting the chicane wattle on the last lap. And. still further back Ames’ Elva held off Addicott’s Elva. The retirements were Mason’s Elva (cockpit trouble), and both the Deep Sanderson, which were towed in together behind the breakdown truck, having expired deep in the heart of Goodwood. Suttees’ best lap 1-90 m.p.h., or 0.4 sec. slower than the record.

A rather dull 10-lap Marque Scratch Race followed, which Fletcher’s A.C.-Bristol, with air scoop on its bonnet top, led for the last eight circuits, chased by North’s TR3, which the A.C. had passed, to lead it over the line by 15.2 see. A little life was imparted to a slow race—winner’s speed 78.9 m.p.h.—by the gradual swamping of McCowen’s A.C.-Bristot by Andrews’ Austin Healey 3000, for third place. However, McCowen had got off too well to the Le Mans start, so was penalised 60 sec.. giving fourth place to Duggan, who worked hard to control his Morgan Plus Four. Fletcher made best lap (81.05 m.p.h.) and takes the lead in the Freddy Dixon Trophy contest. Turner had a ride in the blood wagon after inverting his TR2 and Leech altered the shape a his TR2 in avoiding a spinning car at Madgwick. Staples’ A.C.-Bristol broke a half. shaft.

There were three more five-lap races left. Salmon’s 1)-type Jaguar led the first from Start to finish, the big car a fine sight as it exhibited real power unleashed, lapping at 87.1 m.p.h. and averaging 85.21 m.p.h., which left Kerrison’s li-litre Lotus-Climax and Portman’s 2-litre Cooper-Climax well behind. Very creditable—Brierley’s I,100-c.c. Elva was fourth., only a second behind the Cooper and far ahead of Sargent’s D-type Jaguar.

In the next scratch race Venner-Pack showed them all the way in the next Speedwell Sprite G.T. coupe and drive. ashe did. Gaston, in his Sprite hard-top, couldn’t get closer than 5.8 sec. or equal the sleek coupe’s lap of 77.14 m.p.h. Beatty’s Lotus was third after ti tough job disposing of Kelly’s refreshingly unusual Longbacon, which was beaten by the fine margin of 0.2 sec. and some dicey stuff between Woodeote and the chicane. Race average, 76 m.p.h.

A cheerless afternoon ended with a mixed handicap won by Paine’s undistinguished-looking Frazer Nash at 77.17 m.p.h. from Moans’ A.C.-Bristol and Dude’s 1.100-c.c. Lotus-Climax, and was enlivened by Back, who spun out of the chicane on the first lap and whose 2.4 Lister-Austin Healey was never very stable thereafter. The back-markers had a hopeless task, although Salmon’s Jaguar, from ” owes 5 sec.,” lapped at 86.75 m.p.h.

This excellent Goodwood opening meeting promises well for Easter Monday when the main event will be the International ” 100 ” G.P. Trial Race and there will be a fly-past of aeroplanes before the racing.—W. B. The leaders in the Mo-ron Srowr• Brooklands Memorial Trophy lire:

.1. It. T. von Sickle, C. J. Parkineon, J. Clerk, P. C. Fletcher. NI. Salmon. .1. I.. Veneer-Pack, H. I). Psine—esteh 4 point..