” The Austin Henley” by Donald Healey and Tommy \ isdom 128 pp., 81 in. X Si in. (Cassell and company Ltd., 55, Red Lion Square, London, W.C.I. 18s.).

This book gives an outline history of one of Britain’s leading sports cars—the Austin Healey—together with some notes on the versatile career of its creator, Donald Healey, whose first competition car as a flat-twin A.B.C.. which he followed up with a Swift-engined Arid.

Chapter five lists the impressive records captured by Austin Healey Hundred and Sprite cars, which include the International Class DF 1. 10 kin. record at 183.34 m.p.h. by a special 100S at Bonneville in 1954 and Donald Healey’s f.s. mile record of 1956, at a rousing 203.06 m.p.h. We are also reminded of the splendid show put up at Bonneville last September by the Shorrocks-blown Sprite, when it took International Class G records, including the hour at no less than 146.95 m.p.h.

The following chapter gives detailed specifications of all the Austin Healey models—Series BN1, IlN2. ditto in Le Mans trim, 100M, 1005, 100-Six BN4, 3000 11N7 and Sprite. There is a certain amount •of performance data and a chapter on maintaining and servicing in this useful book, which will be eagerly acceptable to all Austin Healey owners and enthusiasts.—W. B.