Constructors of Formula Junior cars are becoming increasingly worried at the lack of a decision from the Board of Trade on the question of purchase tax for Formula Junior cars. A number of manufacturers have delivered cars to British drivers without charging purchase tax in the hope that the Government will not require the tax to be paid, but the Board of Trade have now requested them not to deliver any more cars to the home market until the matter is settled. Should the Government decide that the tax is payable some of the constructors will amost certainly be put out of business and considerable dollar exports will be lost, as well as ruining Formula Junior racing in Britain. •

There is a strong possibility that the Tourist Trophy will not be held this year owing to the lack of spectator interest at both the 1958 and 1959 events. In its place we may see a three-hour Grand Touring race counting for the newly-introduced F.I.A. Grand Touring Cups. The event may be held on August 20th or September 10th.

In our February issue we stated that the first meeting at Brands Hatch was on April 30th, when in actual fact a meeting is being organised by the B.R.S.C.C. on Easter Monday, April 18th.

A reader is keen to form a Club for Siinca owners. Chrysler Motors Ltd., who market the Simea in this country, have promised to co-operate in the forming of a Club. Interested Simea owners should contact Mr. J. 11. Wright, 1, Balham High Road, London, S.W.12.

A new Club for veteran car enthusiasts has been formed with the title of “The forceless Carriage Club of Great Britain.” The Secretary is Mr. .1. Campbell. 49s. Whitefriargate. Hull.