Now knocking is a forgotten sound



Now knocking is a forgotten sound

-and one reason why is this ‘engine x-ray’

EVERY time you fill up with BP Super-Plus, you know you can forget all about knocking. You know you’ll get top performance in every way . . . the best your car can give . . . first-time starting . . . quicker acceleration . . . clean, troublefree running. The reason? BP Premium Petrols (BP SuperPlus and BP Super) are the most tested petrols in the world.

It’s pace-setting technical research that underlies the outstanding qualities of BP Premium Petrols. At Sunbury-onThames BP operates a remarkable Research Centre where scientists and technicians in many fields pool their efforts to ensure that BP Premium Petrols will give today’s motorist better performance than he’s ever known before.

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An engineer studies what is occurring in a test engine by means of a cathode ray tube (similar to the tube of a TV set). This amazing apparatus shows just what is happening in the combustion chamber . . . and is used by BP scientists to ensure that BP Premium Petrols will virtually eliminate knocking.