“If we stick to the things at which we excel, whether it be producing Tommy Coopers, Mini Coopers, whisky, children’s toys, wheat or beef … or mini skirts that are Shorter than short, let us get on with it and believe in ourselves. One criticism always is that we do not produce what the overseas customers want but this conflicts with the fact that we export more per head than any other nation. A lot of critics should do more .homework.”—Andrew George Elliot, in “The Guilty Men of Whitehall”, published by Elliot Right Way Books, which might well be digested by those who still believe in Britain and our future.

* * *

“The thing is that the laws of libel prevent one saying in the road test what one might otherwise want to say. . . .”—Ralph Thoresby explaining in Motor about their road-test reports.

* * *

“How different the picture would be if Ford designed and built their own Grand Prix cars and ran their own team across the continents of the World, instead of simply providing more and more drivers with the means of enhancing their reputations and incomes.”—Innes Ireland writing in Autocar about the future of Grand Prix racing.

* * *

“Mercedes-Benz have lost much of their youthful image which is fast being scooped up by BMW.”—Opinion on the German industry expressed recently in a weekly contemporary.

“Never before has there been so much sympathy for the police. Under pressure and under-manned, they are fighting our battle against the discordant elements in society. But in some areas where they are active they are in danger of losing their immense reservoir of public good will. To many people their favourite pastime appears to be Hounding the Motorist.”—Fenton Bresler writing in the Daily Express.