More Ferrari Experiences


On reading Mr. Thomas's letter about rival Ferraris I feel I should like to add my own comments.

Sonic time ago I was faced with the problem of whether to choose a run-of-the-mill British sports car or a more exotic Italian make. Naturally the possible high cost of repair work or spare parts was very important. In fact the choice was between a Triumph GT6 and a Lancia Flaminia coupé (admitted, not a Ferrari—but not too remote). I chose the Lancia and have never regretted it. The cost of spares is rather high, very high in fact, but the car is so well made that very seldom does anything actually "break". The only items I have had to replace are: (i) Radiator hoses—£2 the Pair; (ii) Rubber battery cover—£1.15; (iii) Driver's door weatherseal—£2.19. Delivery is rather long-winded but I feel that Lancia (England) Ltd. and "Rolf's" of Romsey do their best.

With regard to expensive engine repairs. The engine of mine, a 2.8-litre V6, is so slow-revving and effortless that it is hard to imagine an expensive blow-up. At 70 m.p.h. the engine is turning over at just over 3,000 revs.

Rust bag? Well, mine is all aluminium bodied. As regards the maintenance, certainly it is more complicated than the everyday car but one can manage if care is taken.

Lastly, it must be remembered that whether it be a Lancia, Ferrari, Maserati or the like—no British sports cars can compare with these for sheer performance, road holding and comfort. My own will cruise at 70 m.p.h. and return well over 25 m.p.g. There is ample room for two adults and a child, under one roof. The engine is all aluminium with a de-Dion rear end, four-wheel power discs with duplex system. Thermostatic controlled oil-cooler and thermostatic controlled shutters on the radiator.

I would think the problems facing a prospective Ferrari-ist would be much the same as I faced. The only answer is "take the plunge", with the added bonus that a Ferrari is "The Best".

Oldham. Phillip T. J. Edbrook.