The insurance racket

At the age of 19, I have recently achieved one year’s accident free motoring. Thus I obtained a 30% no claim bonus.

With my next premium due I wrote to six brokers for quotations. To my surprise five of these quoted the same company for cover, but the premiums varied considerably as follows:—

(a) £15; (b) £39; (c) £41; (d) £44; (e) £52. Nett with 30% allowed.

The above quotes are all fully comprehensive, including passenger cover on my 1963 Ford Zephyr 4 with an engine capacity of 1703-c.c.

Could you please explain who is making the profit? Is it the cut-price broker who is making all our insurance companies go bankrupt at his profit?

Whilst writing I would inform you that I have ignored all the above quotes and accepted a premium from a local, well established company.

May I also thank you for your excellent magazine which I have enjoyed for the past six years.

M. Ford.
Peasedown St. John.