()W that starting points need not be nominated until a few weeks before the start of the Rally, the lists of entries sent over here from the Continent are more terse than ever, but as usual the old hands have secured the early numbers. Still, most indications point to Umea being the most favoured point of departure, while we have yet to hear of anyone who thinks of making use Of the revised route from Sicily. Here are the first twenty-five entries, with starting points, if known :

I. Gas and -Trevoux (Hotchkiss).

2. D. M. Healey (Triumph), Umea.

3. Rupert Riley (Riley), Athens.

4. H. E. Symons (M.G.), Umea.

S. S. C. H. Davis (Railton Terraplane), Umea.

6. M. Sontag (Ford), Bucharest.

7. Squad.-Leader Fullerton (Sunbeam).

8. J. A. Beeck Calkoen.

9. A. C. Scott (Bentley).

10. B. Nearniu (Ford), Bucharest.

11. G. Bakker &hut Voorburg (Ford).

12. J. F. J. M. Casparie (Pontiac).

13. P. Runciman (Alvis).

14. F. S. Barnes (Singer), Stavanger.

15. E. A. G. Cornelius (D.K.W.).

114. G. E. Stott (Bentley).

17. j. Lane (Auto Union Wanderer).

16. T. C. Griffiths (Riley), Umea.

19. F. Ribiero Ferricra (Railton Terraplaue), Umea.

20. jack Hobbs (Riley), Limes.

21. Major P. E. M. Douglas-Morris (Ford).

22. J. C. Ridley (Triumph).

23. V. F. Leverett (Triumph), I.Tmea.

24. Stocelet and Bliss d’Orimont (Ford).

25. S. J. Jones (Morris). The official teams have been much reduced in number, and Riley and Triiimph, which were the most widely represented makes last year, are each only sending three official entries. Rupert Riley, Griffiths and Jack Hobbs will be driving Rileys, and will take 1

m.p.h. two-seaters. Rupert is confident that he can get through from Athens without a special car now that the roads have been improved, while the other two will be starting from Umea,. Two Triumphs are also starting from Umea, Healey probably on the 8-cylinder Doke Mite, and Levered On a Gloria, while Ridley thinks of trying again from Athens.

Hole and Minshall are taking their Singers from Umea, Norman Black has chosen Tallinn, and Barnes Stavanger, and Miss Astbury is also taking a Singer from some point. Stott is entering a 34-litre Bentley, Denny a Riley, Light has an S.S. and will probably go from John o’Groats, while Reuben Harveyson has developed a longing for the Sunny South, if any, and wants to rope in Brian Lewis for a start from Gibraltar. My list is made up at the moment by Runciman on an Alvis, Pascoe on a 3i-litre Talbot, and Wisdom and Thatcher on Chryslers, starting points unknown, but as the last minute rush has not nearly started yet, the Monogasques will have nothing to Complain of in the way of entries. We understand that the Stora Hotellet, which is Umea’s best hotel, is already booked-up, and we picture the town hall of this very hospitable town handed over by the municipal council as a dormitory for British competitors.