It i8 with great interest that I have followed the articles and correspondence Concerning ” j;,5 Motoring.” that have appeared from time to time in MOTOR SPORT.

• Being the enthusiastic owner of a vehicle the “Inman Special,” I think other readers might be interested in its description.

The vehicle selected for treatment was a 10/23 Talbot of 1923 vintage, being virtually saved from the breakers. The choice was first made because of its cheapness and secondly of it boasting many modern features, such as push rod operated overhead valves, coil ignition, gear pun-1p pressure lubrication and water pump circulation for cooling. The only item lacking was front wheel brakes. The specification of the car after rebuilding is as follows :— Engine: Four-cylinder, bore 60, stroke 95, 1,074 c.c. Block of finest grey iron. Aluminium crankcase, detachable cy linder head of cast iron. ” Klingerit ” high compression gasket, specially made hepolite aluminium pistons. Crankshaft very stiff, carried in three large highpressure cast white metal bearings. Steel stamping connecting rods. Push rod operated overhead valves. ” Terry ” extra strong valve springs. Pressure feed lubrication to main bearings and overhead valve gear by means of a gear oil pump submerged in the sump and driven by skew gears from the camshaft which is in turn driven by spur gears off the crankshaft. Oil filler of the quick action type fitted in the aluminium valve cover enabling -a quantity of oil to be poured in, the filler closed and the oil allowed to filter through without the usual necessity of pouring in small quantities at a tittle. Radiator and pump cooling is by a dog driven on the forward end of the dynamo driving pinion. DelcoRemy coil and distributor ignition, Claudel-Bobson carburetter, 12. gallon rear petrol tank, Autovac situated on the bulkhead in an accessible position, pipe line from tank to Autovac is carried outside the frame where it is easy to get at and easily removed in the event of trouble. Dynamo and distributor are tandemdriven by a pinion off the camshaft drive and are carried high up in an accessible position well clear of the bonnet sill boards and on the near side of the engine away from the hot exhaust manifOld, Transmission : Single dry plate clutch, three forward speeds and reverse gearbox. Carden shaft is enclosed in a torque tube. Spiral bevel rear axle: ‘ Chassis The frame is of pressed steel channel section, inswept at the front and upswept over the rear axle. It is braced by six cross members of ample proportions to prevent whip. The rear of the engine crankcase also forms a stiff box section brace. The front axle is of

perfectly straight I sections, the stub axles being carried on large king pins. Quarter-elliptic springs, fltt«I front and rear, controlled by Hartford shockabsorbers, rear fitted, special double type. Steering column is adjustable for rake and carried manual ignition and throttle controls in the centre of wheel together with horn button. Wheels are Magna type wire, shod with 19/5.50 India tyres. The instrument panel is of polished aluminium inotutted with Rotax switchboard, Jaeger 80 m.p.h. speedometer, oil pressure gauge, choke control, carburetter flood-control and dash lamp, The radiator shell is of distinctive design, heavy nickel plated with the radiator cap of knock off pattern surmounted by the famous Talbot Mascot.

I am at the moment engaged in building a two-four-seater open body which I hope will be considerably lighter than the original coachbuilt coupe.

You might also be interested to know that for two years’ work and an expenditure Of less than 25 a distinctive little motor car has been produced, mechanically as new, presenting reasonably quick, reliable and economical motoring together with a great deal of fun. I am, Yours etc.,

E. M. ItotAN-HuNTAR. Middlesex.

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