I have just read your article on “Tuning the Austin Seven” and am looking forward to the next instalment.

Some of your details appear incorrect and may mislead readers who may be contemplating the purchase of an early Austin Seven.

I have owned most models from 1923 to date, I have not yet met a 1922 model although I know that a few were built in that year, the 1923 job was fitted with open hubs with aluminium caps and small brake drums which were improved in 1927, no self-starter was fitted in ’23 nor fan, main crank journals were 1-“‘ smaller than later models but apart from this was basically unchanged till 1933.

The 1923 model I had was fitted with Scintilla magneto but I do not know if this was a standard fitting or not, models up to 1926 can usually be identified by open hubs and shape of hood which slanted at extreme back, later models were more square in appearance.

Long ball change lever appeared in 1930 and not 1929, another change in ’30 was new type starter with separate starter button on floor, flat-spoked steering wheel with spline fitting appeared in 1929 and coil ignition replaced mag., also oil filler was placed in more accessible place.

1930 models had cubby holes in facia, nickel radiator and heavier gauge wings but retained aluminium body, 1931 saw the beginning of coupled brakes, larger tank with reserve tap, Triplex screen, higher chromium-plated radiator shell and wider steel body. These last few points differ from those appearing in your article.

These details, although small in themselves, are worth knowing as one may quite easily be sold an early model which lacks some of the later refinements.

Quite recently I travelled some fifty miles to a large garage to see an advertised” 1932 Sports” which upon examination proved to be of 1928 vintage with rather later type engine, the price asked being reasonable for a ’32, but exorbitant for a ’28. If any reader has had experience with a 1922 model I should be glad to have details of its specification as it is the one model which I am not familiar with. I am, Yours etc.,


I would like to get more performance out of my Lancia Aprilia model.

In this connection I should like to know which English firm could supply me with a special carburetter as well as special intake and exhaust pipes for the Aprilia. I am, Yours etc.,


Poland. [We shall be pleased to pass on any letters to the above reader.—Ed.]