The "Circus Act"


I read with interest your editorial in the August edition entitled “Variety in Modern Motor Racing,” particularly the last few lines.

We have in Melbourne, as you know, a world class circuit at Sandown Park. They have several good meetings during the year and crowds of 20,000 to 30,000 are not uncommon. All enthusiasts look forward to these meetings and they are widely advertised. Despite their own publicity and all the free publicity (such as drivers appearing on TV shows), the promoters feel they need a few gimmicks to get the crowds in.

At one meeting early this year, among other spectacular sights, we were promised a long-distance football kicking contest by League Football Stars, and the arrival by helicopter of Gerry Gee, a ventriloquist’s doll which appears on a Children’s TV show.

I cannot imagine parents of the children who do not like motor racing taking their kids out to see Gerry Gee land, nor can I imagine football fans paying 10s. to see two or three footballers kick a football for a couple of minutes, when they can see 100. minutes of football for 4s. every Saturday.

You state in your editorial you hope it doesn’t come to two-wheel balancing acts—well, look what we have to put up with here. The next coming attraction at Sandown features Miss Moomba (a beauty queen) driving in the ladies’ race, and Craig Breedlove “The Fastest Man on Wheels.”

Of course I think the organisers are missing out on a wonderful stunt here, they could get Mr. Breedlove to do a lap in a Jetex-powered car.

R.B. Morrow.
Melbourne, Australia.