The Unpopular Brazilian


Ayrton Senna proved conclusively in Japan that he can never be considered a 'Great' of Formula One alongside such names as Jack Brabharn, Jim Clark, Ronnie Peterson and Gilles Villeneuve etc. He may well be devastatingly fast, but he achieves this by driving like a dangerous lunatic with no regard for his own or fellow drivers' safety, and with nil sense of sportsmanship in contrast to his team-mate Alain Prost, a worthy winner of his third World Championship.

Despite its many critics and its autocratic manner, I believe the FIA was right to impose the penalties announced on Senna. I can only hope that he will respond with some sign of maturity and accept the decision without any further tantrums.

He is not helped by Ron Dennis who also "cannot accept not to win" but who claims to enjoy his racing. He comes across as a humourless and spoilt child.

If this is the image Honda wishes to promote and be associated with, I for one will never purchase any of its products. Surely its purpose would be better served by contracting its own cars and team as it has done previously.

S Yonoff, Southampton, Hants,