Book reviews, December 1989, December 1989

Generation turbo by Bernard Asset and Johnny Rives. 160 pp. 12 x 81/2,  Available from Menoshire Limited, 49 Churchfield Road, Acton, London W3 6MY. £40.00.

This 160 page French beauty, complete with slip case, is a photographic delight. The first 19 pages are basically text which will be lost on readers unable to translate it into English, but thereafter it becomes a well presented photograph album with captions in French and English.

Not printed in chronological order, the photographs are presented so as to complement each other on the page. Of the 120 full page colour plates, some are marvellous but some, to be honest, are unworthy of being reproduced at all.

Particular favourites include Patrick Depailler flying at Long Beach in his Alfa, Gilles Villeneuve locking up the brakes on his Ferrari and a character study of Colin Chapman and Mario Andretti, but the captions area little disappointing.

Not only of interest to the Grand Prix enthusiast, it should please the photographers as well since the time, place, camera, film and shutter speed are all printed by each photograph. WPK