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The gentleman in the photograph in your November issue talking to Chris Amon is, of course, Alan Brinton. He was one of the greatest British motoring journalists and pioneered the driver interview with his brilliant series of radio reports entitled ‘BP International Racing Service’.

I take issue with your caption of David Phipps’ sensational photograph of Jim Clark. Bearing in mind that Clark drove the entire German GP in 1963 with a Climax engine spending much of its time on just seven cylinders, and frequently had to cope unexpectedly with the power of the additional cylinder mid-corner, his second place to Surtees may just rank as one of the greatest drives of his career. To dismiss it by saying that Clark was ‘soundly beaten’ is to dismiss the essence of genius itself.

I am, Yours etc,

Peter Windsor, via e-mail

[Thank you to the many people who wrote in to identify Alan Brinton, the editor of Motor Racing magazine.]