Red-light corner




I was most interested to read your comparison of a Jaguar C-type and an Aston Martin DB3S. I think you were possibly unfair to the Jaguar, which was a C-type and earlier than the 1956 DB3S.

DB3S/10, registration number 210MRA with engine number DP/1010/16, was my property between 1964 and ’66. I purchased it from Tom Rose, who in turn had purchased it from John Dalton. You are quite right in that this is the wishbone car, but there are a number of errors in your article which need to be put right.

In 1956, the Walker/Salvadori car carried a red noseband and a red light on the offside so that the Aston Martin Owners’ Club pitcrew at the Mulsanne Corner could know which Aston was coming. Each time the car braked, this light would flash the colour of the car.

I notice from the photographs that somebody has managed to obtain the appropriately ‘out-laced’ wheels. They were impossible to buy at the time.

I sincerely hope that the new owner enjoys this car as much as I did — and doesn’t have the sadness and desperation I did in having it rebuilt after the dreadful crash that happened to me.

I am, Yours etc,

Tranter Owen, Knutsford, Cheshire