Reports of Recent Events, February 1953

M.G.C.C. Kimber Trophy Trial  (Dec. 26th)

Cecil Kimber Trophy — J. Buncombe (Dellow).

Spencer Trophy —  P. G. Cooper (Hillman Minx).

Murray Cup  —  A. W. Morrish (M.G. Special).

Welch Cup — H. D. King (M.G.).

First-Class Awards — A. A. Baring (Dellow), E. W. Pike (E.P.S.), M. Sharp (Dellow).

Second-Class Awards —  H. R. Jesty (Hillman Minx), G. N. Dear (M.G. TD), P. Holliday (M.G. TD).


Ulster AS.C. Trial (Dec. 26th)

1st: W. T. Todd (Todd Special);  2nd: R. C. McKinney (Dellow);  3rd:   D. G. McNally (Dellow).

Closed Car Award:  L. C. Downing (Ford Utility)

Novice’s Award:  A. T. Carroll (A.T.C. Special).


Leinster M.C Boxing Day Trial: (Dec. 26th)

Le Fanu Cup:  H. C. Johnson (Lancia Special).

Special’s Class:  K. Wilkinson (Ford).

Standard Open Sports Cars:  J. J. Flynn (M.G.)

Saloon Class:  C. Vard (Jaguar).

Team Prize: J. C. Millard,  S. V. Baker, H. Johnson 


M.G.C.C. (Irish Centre) Winter Trial (Dec. 27th)

Premier Award: C. Vard (C.E.R. Special).

Flynn Cup:  R. Laird (s/c Dellow).

Sunbury Cup:  C. K. Flynn (M.G. TD).

Specials:  K. P. Murray (MM II).

Standard Open Cars:  A. L. Young (M.G. TC).

Saloon Cars C. Hogan (1-1/4-litre M.G.).


Caernarvonshire & Anglesey M.C. Night Run (Dec. 27th)

Premier Award: W. R. Evans (Triumph Mayflower)

2nd:  H. D. Pritchard (L.M.B.);  3rd: D. C. Mills (M.G. PA);   4th : D. I. Lloyd (Wolseley).


M.G.C.C. (Irish Centre) Experts Barrel Trial: (Dec. 27th)

Best Performance, “Specials”:   Mrs. H. C. Johnson (Lancia Special)

Standard Open Cars:  D. Jones (M.G. TC) and D. Monson (M.G. TC).

Saloons: S. O’Flaherty (Volkswagen).

Ladies’ Prize:  Miss S. O’Clery (M.G.).

Newcomers’ Award:  S. J. R. Henly (Buckley Special).


V.S.C.C (Northern Section) Measham Rally  (Jan 3 – 4)

Measham Challenge Trophy: H. M. Goodman (Lancia).

Silver Cup (any class):  R. A. Gouldburn (M.G.).

Class I (Vintage Cars): P. W. McNaughton (Sunbeam)

Class ll (Thoroughbred Post-Vintage):  L. J. Strelton (Alvis).

Class III (Visitors’ Cars):  P. B. Reece (Morgan).

Best Ladles’ Performance:  Miss F. Haynes (Morris).

Best Closed Vintage Car:  H. M. Sinclair (Bentley).


Cheltenham M.C. Winter Trial (Jan. 4th)

Best Performance: A. W. Morrish (M.G.);  2nd: I. D. L. Lewis (Ford);  3rd; D. G. Cooper (Ford);  4th, F. M. Harris (Austin) and D. Bentley (Bentley Special);  5th: R. Skinner (S.H.S.)


Ferrari Benefit:  The result of the Buenos Aires G.P. of January 18th was:

lst: Ascari (Ferrari);  2nd: Villoresi (Ferrari);  3rd: González (Maserati);  4th: Hawthorn (Ferrari).   Farina (Ferrari) crashed.