We have also received the following poem on this subject:-



— We have also received the following poem on this subject : — 1Vaaon, Holtham, Gifford arid Pugh, How the Vintagents envy you Your extra super Silky ride

In a very long auto that’s ten fret wide. It has no pedals or levers or knobs,

And a gear-shift is only for Vintage snobs. Rousing cheers for chromium plate

And seats like beds where you lounge in state. Lights for turns, reverses and stops,

And multiple mirrors to watch for cops. A mass of gadgets. no need to think,

And for ten dollars extra is dame in mink. Ignore the know-alls high-pitched jeering,

At power brakes and power steering. The advantage of Yankees is very plain—

‘in drive them you need neither muscle nor brain.

The man’s car is finished, the man’s car is dead.

This is the age of the motorised bed. HOW the Vintagents envy You,

Watson, Holtharn, and Pugh. * * *

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