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From humble beginnings

In 1981, Da Silva wound up in Attleborough with no contract, just the hope of landing a break. Van Diemen founder Ralph Firman gave him a shot, and has just finished restoring Senna’s first title...

Page 66 of December 2018 issue thumbnail Page 66, December 2018

F1 driver... for a day

Senna began his 1983 British F3 campaign with nine straight victories. F1 powerhouse Williams soon invited him to test an FW08C and Motor Sport completes the trilogy by testing one of those, too Fast...

Page 76 of December 2018 issue thumbnail Page 76, December 2018

Getting inside The Iceman

He might be an individual of precious few words, in public at least, but Kimi Räikkönen’s new authorised biography extends to more than 300 pages. Here, the writer offers an insight into the project’...

Page 86 of December 2018 issue thumbnail Page 86, December 2018

Unintended consequences

Toto Wolff didn’t seek increased influence in the politically charged Formula 1 paddock, but circumstance thrust it upon him. His present situation has caused him to think differently about the sport...

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