Unfortunately WB is quite correct in describing the difficulties being put in the way of enjoying motoring by the current crop of regulations (Boddy Language, October 1993). I’m sure we all agree with the idea of reducing accidents, but we do now seem to be over-regulated and what is more, over-penalised for many minor offences. As WB says, mistakes are not allowed. Whilst I agree with the general thrust of the new regulations I would urge our Chief Constables to allow their forces to exercise due discretion in their implementation. With the sophisticated computers now used by the police, could not persistent offenders be logged and duly severely penalised, whilst an occasional indiscretion be dealt with by a warning. I would add that dangerous driving should always be penalised, however.

I have nothing against unmarked police cars or radar traps as such — if we get caught we have only ourselves to blame, for we know the law and the penalties. However, I would like to see a change away from mandatory speed limits generally and their replacement with advisory ones and the police, who are after all experts, be allowed to use their expertise to apprehend those whose driving constitutes a danger to other road users, having regard to the conditions at the time. This would allow a wider variety of speeds on the motorway system, reducing the high speed crocodile accidents and equally penalise those who insist on driving to the speed limit when it is patently wrong to do so.

M W J Meddings, Salisbury, Wilts.

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