Miniatures News, January 1976

Those who collect miniatures of the latest 1 racing cars will be glad to know that Corgi have brought out a 5-in.-long model of the Hesketh 308. Lady Hesketh asked Corgi to wait until Lord Hesketh’s recent 25th birthday before releasing their model. They complied and, indeed, mounted 80 of these little Heskeths on a birthday-card which Lady Hesketh presented to her son. In the constructional models field, not only is the long-established Meccano Magazine still published quarterly by Meccano Limited but it has been joined by Meccano Engineer and Meccanonman’s Journal, by MW Models of Henley-on-Thames. For those with young children or whose minds have remained young, the current Meccano Magazine contained instructions for building a Meccano dragster, and details of motorcycle, bus and Army models, etc.—W.B.