Brake lights

A managing director of a large motoring insurance broker has written to us with details of a scheme that he hopes will significantly reduce the number of rear end accidents in the UK. According to statistics from the United States the simple expediency of making high level brake warning lights a legal requirement on all new cars has reduced rear end shunts by 53%. This type of accident accounts for some 26% of road accidents in the UK. The insurance broker in question is offering a slightly disproportionate 5% discount on comprehensive insurance premiums for cars fitted with the high level brake light, and a deal whereby one can get such a light fitted for £19.99. Motor Sport has yet to be convinced of the effectiveness of such a light, especially since a relative of one of the staff was recently rammed from behind while in a Volvo fitted with a high level brake light. He was on his way to a bottle bank at the time, and his response was "It doesn't pay to be Green." But does it pay to have a high level brake light?