IN last month’s issue of MOTOR SPORT there appeared a description of a road test of the S.S.1 16 li.p. coupe. We have recorded therein our appreciation of the many excellent qualities of the S.S.1 as a closed car of great comfort combined with high performance. We recently had an opportunity of inspecting at the showrooms of the distributors of these cars, Messrs. Henlys, Ltd., of Holly House, Euston Road, London, the latest model to emanate from the Swallow Company, namely a very attractive open four seater sports car. The low bonnet-line and beautifully curved wings of the coupe are retained, and are carefully wedded to an open body of extraordinarily comfortable dimensions. The scuttle is raised into two cowlings, into which the instruments are fitted, and a folding windscreen is utilised. Exactly similar seating arrangements as are used on the coupe are to be found on the open model, and one of the outstanding features of the car is the low seating position provided for the rear passengers, who are fully protected to their shoulders by the body-sides. Stability on corners is ensured by the fact that the rear passengers sit well within the wheelbase. The doors

are gracefully cut away to add to the comfort of the driver and front seat passenger. Finally, the rear of the car has been well thought out, and does not spoil the appearance of the rest of the car, as is so often the case. A large trunk is fitted, upon which the neat hood rests, and the spare wheel is mounted on the back of the trunk.

We have seldom seen a prettier car, and with the knowledge that its performance is fully in keeping with its lines, the S.S.1 open four seater will have a strong appeal to all discerning motorists. The price asked, E325for the 16 h.p. and £335for the 20 h.p. model, is absurdly cheap.