Your correspondents’ letters are interesting and as a flag marshal for some twenty years or so all over the British Isles where racing takes place, and knowing most of our drivers personally, may I be allowed a little space to air my views. Patrick Kelly writes with such little knowledge that, I can only conclude he is a young man but very enthusiastic for motor racing. How dare he state that our drivers are not up to the standard of the foreign drivers he mentions by name when they have never had a chance to prove themselves! Parnell, as everyone should knows, possesses an out-of-date Maserati racing car which being more modern than our E.R.A.s can, if it keeps running, usually be the first car crossing the finishing line; but when he, in company with our other drivers, comes up against the latest model foreign racing cars he also has to take a back seat. I think Reg. will have had a good laugh over your correspondent’s statement that he is a wealthy man.

My four drivers for our team would be: No. 1 car, Reg. Parnell or Peter Walker; No. 2 car, Cuthbert Harrison; No. 3 car, Bob Gerard—Bob being a certainty to finish should 1 and 2 cars pack up.

                                                                                                   I am, Yours, etc.,

TotIey.                                                                                                           “UNCLE BEN.”