We hear some more...



That Capt. Cowell, now serving overseas with the R.A.S.C., was married recently to Miss Diana Carpenter. Cowell used to race the Winterbottom Alta and put up very fast road runs in a 2-litre sports Alta and Miss Carpenter drove a 1,100 c.c. Fiat saloon to the limit of its capacity and narrowly missed acquiring a Frazer-Nash recently. George Chaplin, of fast. “Chummy” Austin and T.T. Austin fame, whom we lost heard of motoring in an Austin “Ruby” saloon after owning a “12/50” Alvis saloon, was married recently to Miss G. M. Goodwin. Congrats all round.

Roddy Seys expects to leave London soon on Military duties and has bought a flat-twin two-carburetter B.M.W. motor-cycle to take with him. He has had meetings with Clutton and Rivers-Fletcher lately. Aston-Martin Ltd. have sold all their streamline 2-litres, but the experimental 2-litre has now done 10,000 miles and is going very nicely. The Follett Lea-Francis of the revived type is believed to have been bought by the Navy. A “30/98” Vauxhall is for sale at Deacon’s Garage, Dorchester, Oxon, for £60.

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We much  regret to learn that Lieut. Grogan. R.N., fo many years the sole representative of the Senior Service at B.M.C.R.C. meetings with his Norton, went down with H.M.S. “Hood.” He was also known as a Frazer-Nash exponent at Brooklands.