I am prepared to accept the basic thesis of your correspondent, Mr. J. F. Cliffe, that the current service costs of even small cars are high. The costs relating to the operation of a Citroen GS are frequently employed to illustrate such an argument. As yet I have observed few, if any, replies in defence of the car in this respect. Perhaps my own experience will be of interest.

I purchased a 1,220 c.c. Super Comfort model in March, 1973. Since that time the car has covered some 17,500 miles. A windscreen wiper-blade and a headlight unit have been replaced under warranty. No further work, other than routine service, has been necessary. A carefully maintained record demonstrates that during a very varied pattern of motoring conditions the car has returned a shade over 33 m.p.g. and has consumed no oil between services.

Servicing costs have been no higher than I was led to expect. A total of six services have been completed together with the replacement of disc pads all round at 15,000 miles. Service on the car has been promptly and efficiently carried out by Jock Andrews Cars Ltd., of Bradford, the suppliers of the car, and by a relatively new agent, J. D. Baxter, of Harrogate. Total service costs (including oil, disc pads, plugs, points, etc.) are as follows:

600 miles £2.32

3,000 miles £5.50

6,000 miles £15.20

9.000 miles £5.50

12,000 miles £14.30

15,000 miles £27.20 (including new pads all round)


It seems that Mr. Cliffe should find a new agent or move further north.

Wetherby R. S. Gustard