Obituary: Sir J Clive Leighton Edwards, Bt

It is with much sadness that I learned of the death of Sir Clive Edwards, Bt. He lived in the lOM with his great friend Bob Thomas and was 82. He was one of MOTOR SPORT’s most avid readers, having ordered it to be sent to his prep school, and in recent years re-reading a copy a day for relaxation. His gardens were another interest and he used to sometimes send my wife rare plants.

He got his mother to take him to Shelsley Walsh at the age of 16, having before that been driving an old Rover up and down the mile-long drive of their Swansea residence. His appetite whetted, Sir Clive began his racing hobby with an R-type MG, before active service in the RASC intervened. As soon as the war had finished, he was competing with an HRG and will be well remembered for the second HRG he had a 1767cc Lea-Francis-engined 1100-type single-seater with twin rear wheels, with which he became the best type of amateur competitor.