What Rally Drivers Drink and How

British drivers in this year’s Monte Carlo Rally received a questionnaire from Lucozade, and amongst the 84 drivers who returned it the preference for drinks was:—

Fifty-six drivers used glucose tablets or sweets as well as taking Lucozade. Sixty-eight liked larger bottles of Lucozade, 10 would have preferred the small size and six had no preference. Thirty-three took the cardboard cups offered, 20 disliked them, three suggested straws should be used, 28 did not take the cups. Seventy-three found Lucozade a good thirst-quencher, 50 said it kept them alert, 53 that it maintained their energy. In following the Rally Motor Sport got by on Lucozade, glucose, tea, coffee, Perrier and plenty of good French wine. — W. B.