A New Monte Carlo Record Run

At the time of the Monte Carlo Holly Gordon Bedson and J. Saunders set out to drive as quickly as possible from the R.A.C. in London to Monte Carlo in a Meadows Friskysport. They took 22 hr. 6 min. for the 831-mile journey, not counting the time taken to fly the car across the Channel from Lydd to Le Touquet. After 1911 it became taboo to attempt this “record” but as the Shell Company is advertising the Friskysport’s run as a “new record of 23¼ hours for the run to Monte Carlo,” an achievement “greatly helped by the Shell 2T Two-Stroke Oil and Shell Petrol,” fresh interest is likely to be aroused. While high-speed runs between London and Monte Carlo may not appeal to the R.A.C. and French authorities, there would seem to be little harm in rival minicar manufacturers having a crack at the Friskysport’s “record.”

The fascinating story of the Monte Carlo “record” was told by “Baladeur” in Motor Sport dated February 1950. It seems that the last semi-official “record” was established in November 1913 by James Radley, whose Rolls. Royce Silver Ghost accomplished the journey in 26 hr. 4 min., including the time taken to ship the car across the Channel and delays at innumerable French level crossings. Setting the roads, tyres and lamps of Edwardian days against the 325-c.c. engine of the Friskysport, it can he said that Radley and Bedson deserve roughly the same credit. Indeed, some people may feel that, as Radley had no Air Bridge to help him, his run, which took scarcely three hours longer than Bedson’s did forty-five years later, is decidedly the better achievement! — W. B.