Insurance increases




I think the following will be of interest to all your readers who are trying to cut the cost of their motoring.

I recently changed my vehicle, from a VW 1300 (1970) to a Citroen GS (1,015 c.c.).

My insurance company, General Accident, informed me that, as the GS is “rated” as a Group 4 car (why?), my premium would jump approximately £53, to an astronomical £137.

I immediately contacted the AA, who quoted approx. £97 (full comp.), a difference of some £40!

Although I have saved “only” £6, after deducting 60% NCB, this is still £6 towards petrol, or Road Fund Licence, or what have you. Perhaps someone can tell me why such an eminently safe vehicle such as the GS, with it’s four-wheel “power” disc brakes, excellent handling, road-holding, suspension, etc, is rated as more of a “risk” than that VW 1300? (The assistant at my local branch of GA was as shocked as I was, asking—”Is it a Safari, sir?”!)

Could it be that the words “GS”, “overhead-camshaft, and “fast-back”, etc., take precedence over “accident-avoidance”?

Needless to say, I am changing to the AA (Loyds) insurance, and would suggest that reader-members could also save themselves a few hard-earned quid. Usual disclaimer’s.

Michael Wren.