Vintage Postbag - Bugatti Flashback, March 1975


As a really old-timer and Bugatti enthusiast from early youth, your recent feature on the Type 35 rally at Lyon naturally filled me with nostalgia; somehow even mom so than watching the full “parade” at Prescott.

I thought some readers might be interested in this somewhat faded picture taken in the paddock at Brooklands in 1926. This is in fact an ordinary standard Brescia chassis (circa 1922) under a Ballot body, the latter being acquired from Malcolm Campbell. Engine modifications included raised compression, double valve springs, and polished ports. When in the mood, it would lap Brooklands in practice at around 90 m.p.h. but, alas, was seldom in the mood an race day, and therefore not successful. It did, however, achieve the later (much later) distinction of being mentioned in your wonderful “History of Brooklands” Vol.2 . . . “Stone’s Bugatti retired. . . .”

In retrospect, surely ths is as good as a medal at Balaclava?

Malvern E. A. A. STONE