Letters From Readers - One View of the Racing Car Show


The International Racing Car Show used to be an event to look forward to - alas, no more! Everything D.S.J. said in "The Formula One Scene" (MOTOR SPORT, January) was confirmed at "Speedshow '75" which has been turned into a sort of giant Discotheque with Radio Luxembourg occupying the space where the Castrol cinema used to be and many stands being taken by concerns with precious little to do with motor racing, i.e. The Astor Club, Penthouse, Go-Gear and the Pub Information Centre.

Formula One racing cars were in very short supply as were historic and vintage machines. Smaller Formulae addicts and kit car fanatics had nothing to complain about, but this was a show for teenagers rather than the serious enthusiast, and by that I mean someone who can remember racing cars without stickers, slicks and wings!

How long before Castrol organise another "Extravaganza"?

Sunninghill PAUL FINN