Letters From Readers - Rock the D.o.E., March 1975


I agree with every word you say in the February Editorial regarding the government’s continued “we hate the motorist” campaign but I would suggest that rather than organise another petition, which will be automatically rejected on the grounds that it was organised by a very naughty magazine which promotes motor racing, we could really rock the foundations of the D.o.E. by attacking them in reverse.

If every motorist was encouraged to drive within the law at all times then the lack of motoring offenders in the courts and the resultant loss of revenue would hit the government where it hurts most – in the pocket. But then I suppose they would introduce legislation to fine the ones who drive under the limit.

This year my wife will probably drive approx. 5,000 miles in a Sunbeam Alpine and I will no doubt notch up another 40,000 miles in it Cortina 2000. We both enjoy our driving and neither of us have any endorsements so perhaps the government is fighting it losing battle after all.

Mansfield M. L. WHITTLE