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Silverware from Silver Arrows golden era

Richard Seaman, Tazio Nuvolari, Bernd Rosemeyer, G F Reading… G F who?

This impressive trophy was awarded for winning the Donington Grands Prix in the late 1930s. From 1934-38 it was the most prestigious prize handed out by the Derby & District Motor Club. But it was not a new piece of silverware.

Originally called the Challenge Cup, it was first presented by the club in 1904, to the aforementioned Mr Reading in his 10hp Wolseley — a long way from Tazio and Bemd’s Auto Unions of 1937-8.

It seems the cup lay dormant from 1912, but was dusted off for the Donington Park Trophy race of 1934 (won by Whitney Straight) and the subsequent grands prix, when the names of Richard Shuttleworth (’35) and Hans Reusch and Seaman (’36) were added. It’s now part of the Donington Grand Prix Collection.

Incidentally, that Latin motto is ‘qui nimis propere minus prospere’ which translates as ‘he who makes too much haste prospers less’. Try telling that to Nuvolari.