The Freiburg Grand Prix


It was a pleasure to read Ed Foster’s feature on one of the most significant hillclimb venues ever, Freiburg-Schauinsland (January issue). What a pity that real racing has been axed there under the cloak of environmental protection by certain political groups. Nowadays, a historic event is held every other year as a regularity test rather than a speed event, where public attendance is restricted to 5000 visitors. A far cry from the masses watching the ‘Bergrekord’ in its heyday.

Those you quote as “some who understand the road’s importance” are considered a nuisance by many. From an average motorist’s point of view, bikers trying to take corners at ever-increasing speed are often only a hair’s breadth away from losing adhesion. This has happened from time to time with fatal results, and this is why the Schauinsland is closed to motorbikes every weekend after 8pm on Friday. Just go to Horben any Friday between 6-8pm. You might think the German GP for motorbikes is on.

Peter Hoffmann, Aachen, Germany