pRAZER-NASH, a special sports car, 1927 model; -1: completely rebuilt this year at a cost of over £100, lowered long chassis, special mpdel, 10-gallon tank at rear, special wide front axle, Rudge hubs, cycle-type wings, with special guards, central gear change, full all-weather equipment, 3 new India tyres, painted black, green pneumatic upholstery, many awards in trials, including first on handicap in Lewes Speed Trials, 1931, speed 70-80 m.p.h., ninny extras, Price £175. U.N., Ltd., 300, Balham High Road, S.W.17. Telephone, Battersea 0033.

VRAZF,R NASFI cars, Falcon Works, London Rd., Isleworth (Hounslow 3172) always have for disposal reconditioned and guaranteed cars, fitted with new tyres and F.W.B. Prices from £125.


PORTS !I! 445 ; 2-seater boat body Itala, P.W.B., all-weather equipment, numerous extras, 12 months' guarantee ; terms, exchanges.— Berkeley (Mews) Garages, Connaught Street, Edgware Road, Marble Arch. 1'7 "'P. Itala. Sports Chassis, F.1V.B., fitted with

special coa.chbuilt drop head coupe body, upholstered in leather, beautifully cellulosed primroseblack, complete Bosch equipment, numerous extras, in perfect mechanical condition, very fast and easy to drive, insured December : price £65. Small 2-seater or saloon considered in exchange.—Oram, Loudoun Road Mews, Loudoun Road, NAV.8. 'Phone : Maids Vale 2133.


1,3n Model Mercedes 32-90 h.p. 8-cyl. Sports V Coupe, drop head, full makers' equipment. 6 wheels, etc., total mileage 10,300, original cost £1,395; offers wanted by owner's agents.—Chelsea Garage, Ltd., 198, King's Road, Chelsea, S.W.3, Flaxman 8685.

MERCEDES 38-250 h.p. S.S.K. Special, recently returned from factory after special preparation, capable of terrific performance, in beautiful condition ; £1,425; exchanges and deferred terms.— Rootes, Ltd., Devonshire House, Piccadilly, W.I. 'Phone : Grosvenor 3401.

MERCEDES 1930 Series 33-250 h.p. S.S.K. Type Chassis, fitted with 2-seater body, colour cream with red pneumatic upholstery, Triplex glass, 2 spare wheels, suitcase carriers on running boards, many extras, car little used, extremely fast and in marvellous condition ; price .c.1,500, or offers.

MERCEDES 1927 Series 33-180 h.p. Supercharged 4-seater, 100 m.p.h. ; price £395. THE CAR MART, Ltd., 46-50, Park Lane, W.I.

1 ('Phone : Grosvenor 3311) ; 297-299, Euston Road, N.W.1. ('Phone : Museum 2000).

£155!!!--38-150h.p. sports 4-seater Mercedes, 1927 modifications, cycle wings, Rudge Whitworth racing wheels, new tyres (£160 Laystall overhaul), 100 m.p.h., numerous extras, 12 months' guarantee ; terms, exchanges.—Berkeley (Mews) Garages, Connaught Street, Edgware Road, Marble Arch.


TIOUBLE TWELVE Racing M.G. Midget 1931 .1--• model, as new, specially prepared ready for season's competitions, mileage 4,500, any trial, cost £290, sacrifice £210. Seyd, 24, Netherhall Gardens, N.W. 3.