Special Chassis designed for Sports use.

THOSE prophets who:recently predicted the universal adoption of the closed car of the “family ” type are shown to be completely confounded by the great increase in popularity of the open type, which when combined with a high performance chassis, makes motoring a real pleasure, as well as a most reliable and convenient means of transport.

The latest addition to this type is the Wolseley Hornet “Special,” which has a host of features designed to appeal to the keener type of motorist.

The chief differences from the previous Hornet lie in the modified induction and exhaust systems, the cooling of the lubricating oil, the larger brake drums, and narrower track rear axle.

The car is supplied in chassis form only to coach builders, from whom it may be obtained in a variety of attractive body types, and its price is 2175. When one considers the remarkable refinements in its specification one begins to realise the astounding development of luxurious motoring at low cost. The general layout follows accepted practice, the six cylinder

engine having its cylinders cast monobloc, with a detachable head carrying the overhead valves and camshaft.

The whole of the valve mechanism is enclosed, and duplex valve springs are employed. The camshaft drive is by roller chain in two stages, the first being by single roller chain with automatic adjuster to a countershaft mounted on the front of the block. t•

From here, a double roller chain takes the drive to the camshaft, the latter chain being adjusted by an eccentric bearing on the countershaft. These bearings, in common with the other engine bearings, are pressure-fed. From the 4-bearing crankshaft a drive is taken to the oil-pump. Oil is passed from the sump to an external wire gauze strainer before entering the pump, and from this to an

oil cooler and large filter before entering the main bearings. The filter is readily removable for cleaning.

Mixture is supplied by two S.U. carburettors, and on the exhaust side three pipes lead to a single pipe and thence to the silencer.

The rear tank supplies the carburettor via an S.U. Petrolift pump on the dash. Ignition is by battery and coil.

A single plate fabric clutch takes the drive to a close ratio 4-speed gearbox mounted integral with the engine. The constant mesh and third speed pinions are double helical to ensure silence on third.

Transmission is by open propeller shaft with Hardy-Spicer universal joints at each end to the floating rear axle. The rear hubs are carried on large double row ball bearings. Suspension is by semi-elliptic

springs controlled by Luvax hydraulic shock absorbers. The brake drums on this model are 12in. diameter, and the shoes are operated by the Lockheed hydraulic system.

Equipment is very complete including rev. counter, 12 volt, lighting and starting, headlamp dipping mechanism and the usual fittings, while Rudge Whitworth racing type wheels or the Magna type are optional.