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RILEY LYNX SPRITE, 1936, open 4-seater. Mechanically perfect, original paintwork. New hood. £425. Bacon, 174, Streetsbrook Road, Shirley, Birming

ham. Tel. : Shirley 1251. (4049 IF YOU WISH TO SELL your car, or buy one, why not consult me? I will set as your personal salesman, buyer and agent, without cost or obligation. Write for full details,-stating your requirements, etc. Box No. 1048, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.I. (4050 2100-10.1TRE INVIOTA open sports, fitted 1935 14.8.h.p. Rover Pilot engine. New battery and clectrics. Good running order. Gin he seen War niinster. Tel. Wylye 202. [4051 1947 TRIUMPH ” 1,800 ” saloon, it.m.v. etc., p.)7:, 1938 Aston-Martin L.C. tourer, inunactikite, 075. 1935 Ford Eight saloon, £185. 1932 Hillman 16-11.p. D.M. coupe, superb. £150. 1930 Austin Seven 4-seater’ new hood, £89. Exchanges. 11118 499 c.c. Manx Norton, as new, 2I5. Jones’ Garage, Syston, Leics. Tel.: Systob 86257. 14055

FIAT “13.9,” 606B, 1926 tourer. Special reason sale following £100 overhaul. New hood, tonneau, tyres, crown, pinion, wiring. £160. 18, Lindley Drive, Great Horton, Bradford, Yorks. Tel.. Bradford 72364. (4058

OWING TO REJOINING NAVY I regretfully offer my Ford 14.9 Greyhound sports. This car is really spot on, and photographs are available, but genuine Inquiries only, please. £170. No dealers. Box No. 990. MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1. [4075 LAGIONDA, 1981, 2-111re, supercharged (Zoller) drophead coupe (lark Ward). P100 lamps, twin wind horns, wing mirrors, stop and tail lamps. 5.lotek. Three spare wheels, all rechromed. Excellent condition throughout. Scrupulously inain Photo. Many spares, £450. J. Spitler, 44, Manor Avenue, Caterham, Surrey. (4082

1927 TALBOT 20/60h.p. 4-door Weyniann saloon Rear axle needs attention, £65. 1927 Delagt.

14-h.p. chassis, engine partly dismantled £30. 1922 Delage DE 1341.p. s.v. saloon; • needs ono con-rod, £25. Offers. Ford Ten back axle with spriugs, £3 10s, Wire wheels, 10s. each R. Samuelson, Staplefields, Steyning. Sussex. (4081 DISMANTLED AUSTIN SEVEN. All parts, including: complete engine, magneto, ignition. Numerous Riley spares (believed 1921)/30): radiator, axles, drums, wheels, etc. Cheap. Davies, 114,. Station (4057

Road, Yale, Bristol.

710 By 90 WHEELS and tyres. Four perfect steel’ spoked wheels, 5-hole type ; excellently shod.. including two unused Dunlop. (Bought for 1920. Wolseley Ten but not needed.) Also seine 895 by 136 covers. Emmett, Kington, Herefordshire. (4058. LABONDA 3-litre saloon, Weymann. In excellent condition throughout. Few thousand mile* since check by /Lagonda specialist, which included overhaul, of brakes, steering. New valves, springs, etc. Lining and upholstery, Dunlopillo, very good. Chrome good, P. 100, two Notek„ twin S.U., Ki-gas. Five brand new tyres. Taxed year. 19 m.p.g., SO m.p.h. Must sell, new car arrived. £250. 42, Bridge Street, Walton-on-Thames: : Walton’ on-Thames 2655 (4073 260. ALVItt ” FIREBIRD,” 1935. for disposat after calamitous encounter. Front end and root damaged. Engine, etc., sound. Seen Iloniton area. Box No. 989, 5toroa SPORT, 15, City Road, 14074

1938 SINGER LE MANS 9-11.p. sports coupe. Recellulosed, new battery, good mechanically. £190. 23, Woodhall CreRcent, Copley, Halifax. 14076 AU’S “FIREFLY” chassis. Completely

red>ullt. Crank ground. Sleeved brick to standard. Gearbox reconditioned by makers, E.14.v. Relined brakes, new cables. New tyres. Will re-register. £150. Alvis T.J. body shell only. good condition. £10. Amikar, 1929. Original condition, 9.h.p. Very good mechanically. Resprayed French blue. £120. Fast, clean, little car. Service Motors, la, High Road, Selby, Di/master. 8 AUSTIN SEVEN chassis frame R.B., los.. ii,10o7nt:

axle 60s. Rear axle, complete, id 108. Five road Wheels at 255. each: complete set road springs, 5t/s. Steering column and wheel, 60s. Windscreen frame, 41. Pair front mudguards, 11 1,0s. Two rear mudguards, 25s. Three.speed gearbox, 50s. Bonnet, 15s. Engine, 17 10s. All parts are 1931. Nicholls, Church Wharf, The Mall, Loudon, W.4. 140815

ASTON-MARTIN, 1034 “Le Mans” supercharged. 2(4-seater. Racing camshaft, balanced crank, etc. List of modification.% if interested. £425. W. J. ‘lanais, The King’s School, Grantham, Lines.. ADVERTISER regretfully offers for sale large quantity of parts for ” Special ” based on Atalanta chassis. Includes .complete 2 -seater Atalanta body and fittings, Mercury engine, : 1 rear axle assv., chassis frame, hubs, wheels, etc. 4125. S.A.E. for details. Cheshire area. Box No. 091, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road. E.C.1. 14063 J. H. BARTLETT offers the following spares : AstonMartin Le Mans cylinder head twin S.C. carburetters, camshaft, rockers, connecting rods, oil pump, front timing case, crankshaft, dry sump tank, starter, flywheel and water pump, also rear axle, complete with brakes, £45. M.G. twin wheels and special axle shafts, £15. M.G.” 1′” type head, £25. ” ” type gearbox, £15. Also starters, dynamos and ‘carburetters, flywheel.,, clutches. etc. Lagonda 2-litre cylinder head, crankshaft, connecting rods, brake shoes, back plates, camshafts, etc. B.M.W. type 55 pistons, FLAT. 500 pistons, new. immediate delivery. Crown and pinion wheels, various, including Aston-Martin and M.G. M.G. ” ” type cylinder block and crankshaft, £25. Alvis Speed Twenty-Five rear axle. back plates, brake drums, complete, £35. M.G. cycle-type wings, set of 4, 47 10s. Wire wheels 18 In. and 19 ha various Sizes. Alfa-Romeo 1,500 and 1,750 c.c. twin camshaft head. radiator, differential unit. Ridge Whitworth 42 mm, knock-on type hub raps, new, 42 rum. sPilucd hubs, new, 25.s. each. Aston-Martin radiator, slightly damaged, £11 lOs. Alvis steering lislx column and wheel, complete, £7 10s. 27a, Pent bridge Villas, W.11. Tel. • Bayswater 0523. [4084 HORNET SPECIAL. E.W. Magnificent performance, recent overhaul £140. Enthusiast’s car. 4185 or ofter. Scott, 14, Orchard Way, Leagrave, Luton, Sleds. Tel.: Luton 4595. [4087 HORNET AND HORNET SPECIAL SPARES-. Large variety M-type M.G. engine Maguette spares. Lists available. Scott, 14, Orchard Way, Leagrave

Luton, Beds. : Luton 4595. 4004 .GARAGE DOORS complete, up-and-over type, £12. Masteradio Cs’, unused, £20. Useful 500-cc. ” dirt ” J.A.P. spares lists free. 34, Thorn Road, Worthing. (4090 15 TALBOT saloon. Specimen car, always chauffeur kept. New tyres, battery and shockers. Gearbox -checked. Upholstery and coachwork like new. One owner, mileage 20,000. Seen South Wales. £650 or near offer. Also 65 Talbot parts as follows.: anused—stub axle pins and bushes, an 3s. 4d. ; set brake linings, £1 12s. ; used -block and head, £12: sump, .1 1 ; dashboard, 15s, ; clutch plate, ; oil pump, 105. ; spare wheel bracket, I; four retreadable tyres, 10s. each ; brake drum, also Romac personal radio, £14. Write Wardmas Mfg. Co., Ltd., Woodfield Works, Banbury Rood, Bicester. [41/91

.14;40 M.O. fitted fully reconditioned Cowley engine, -brakes, clutch recently relined, rewired. £120. offers. Tel. : lioVe• 32220. evenings. 14095 .SUNBEAM, “Pcn 4-seater, Overhauled, _

new battery, tyres, coat:Inbuilt aluminium 1.011y, good condition. £125 or exchange Ford. Rutherford, 39, Beverley Gardens., Stanmore, Middlesex. Tel. : Harrow 4828. 1 4) .31UNDRY SPARES AVAILABLE. ii,:d1(;y (4.1tTl

e engine, smooth as silk; Anion) ex vintage FrazerNash tstripped) ; Ford Ten back axle, live wheels and shaft complete ; five: disc wheels complete with 720 by 120 ILE. tyres, two good, rest at 50 tter cent. : Austin Seven, 1930, runner (jad), complete with two extra stripped engines, gearboxes. etc. : 1934 Morris. ”10/4 ‘ engine and gearbox, reconditioned, rebored and regrOund : variety new and retread .clear, Delivery arranged. Morgan-Giles. t’debe, tyres except 19’s. All the above at gift Pri’,7:ott,.(s) Bishomacigntom Devon.


body fair. £125. Manchester area. Box No. Iola MOTOR SPORT, IS, City Road, E.C.1.

H.R.G.„ 1948, 1,500 ; 15.000 miles ; nectilnitTi) checked by makers. Entire car in new and lirst-,s.,1•11isis1s1 condition. For fuller particulars. Austin, 48. Macaulay Drive, Lincoln. Tel. : Lincoln 1154, evenings:. STUDEBAKER UTILITY. lixcell

_eat 0)1111 St (011 . ‘Taxed end of year. £245. 598a, Kim:shin Road Rayrics Park. SAV.20. Tel. ; Lilierty 2959. ;.-1103 BENTLEY SPEED SIX, 1929. Freestone Wel;ir

t wo-itoor sports saloon. lc..xs client condition, recelluloied and rewired, mon: than £250 spent. Good tyres. Photo supplied. £325 or near offer. Box No. 11/04, MOTOR SpoRT, 15. City Road, E.C.I. 41115 9/20″ HUMBER saloon, 1929. Complete less ..ale con.-rod and piston. £35. 20, Church Road,

Old Windsor. Berks. : Slough 23851, Es. 43. (-1103 APOLOGIES for my untimely absence to enquirer: tor my ” 9.5 ” Rally sports advertised last month. Photo on application. N. NIelesi. 207. Pavilion Road. S.W.1. !Bins

1927 HUMBER ” 8.8 ” 2-seater saloon. Boot would convert into dicker-; 50 m.p.h.. 35 m.p.g. Ver?.• -well preserved throughout. £75 or near. Waller. • ;311, Oak Brist/4, s. :4112 THE 1938 500 MILE RACE ex-Billy Cotton 1,100cc, Riley (see T.0.8.c. No. 231). Laystall 1.15/18″ crank and rods, 9.75 compression ratio Martlet pistons, special head with oversize valves, new 13.T.11. camshaft magneto. Recent rebuild includes new bearings, camshaft, K.E. 935 valves, valve springs,clutch lining, hood, and tonneau cover. Cowled alloy body with full under-tray. £357. Ward, Hammersmith Paktis, W.O. Tel. : Riverside 2812. [4107

1939 JOWETT saloon, tour-door, leather, taxed, £315. 1938 Austin Big Seven, fourcloor saloon, 4310. 1938 Morris 8.h.p. four saloon. taxed year. £325. Choice two Morris Cowley saloons, taxed, £75/£105. 1933 Morris van, 10.11.p., £195. Choice three Ford 5-11.p. saloons, taxed, from £165. 1938 Ford Dagenham body shooting brake, £475. 1937 Pontiac shooting brake, live new tyres, £1511. 1938 Arnastrong-Siddeley saloon, 7-seater, ideal hire car, £495. 21.G. 4-seater tourer, reconditioned, £350. 1948 American de luxe Ford saloon. right-hand strive. leather, one owner, taxed, 1950 registered Ford shooting brake, V8, 32 lap., £195. ‘Thrills.

trials, exchanges. Donald Hannon, 12, St:taxi]: Lane, Old Catton, Norwich. Tel. -Norwich 22333. 14109

SPORTS-RACING TRIUMPH SPECIAL. Slark 2 • u•arer hod, ani87 ,‘ Covciory Climax engine ; reini•te geark.s. Large Lockheed*,

; two t : 1:4,11,,Y• 4105. P. l’homits. 319, Stinnes Road. Berth/in, Feltilutuilnl, Nliddlesex. AUSTIN. SEVEN ” ” typk-, special 2-seater sports. Colour blue. l’Acellent all-round condition. Owner building larger car. Price £125. T. Johnson, Lovell’s Itall, Terrington St. Clements, Kings Lynn, Norfolk. Ts.l. : ‘ferrington S.C. 211 1-1114 500-C.C. LAURENCE llat twin, air oaded. Approxiamble 31 to, I compression ratio. Dual ignition Scintilla. Light alloy wherever possible. Beautifully iinele. £20. Box No. 1005, ‘Moron SPORT, 15, City RI I •

14115 RAILTON LIGHT SPORTS 4-seater. Completely rebuilt at great cost and re•registereil 1948. 1.1′.S. Terrific performinse, ” Motor ‘ road test 0-60 m.p.h. St sec, Unsupereleirged (supercharger available); 20 m.p.g.. cruising at 30 m.p.h. Any inspeetistii. £.125. Trials 21.0. short chassis, ” J ” engine and box, islSo rear axle. Fittest hood JUKI screens, Won many awards. ‘t’win spares, goosl tyres-. £175. ” Old Baker,” 11•15. Dighton Street, Bristol, 1. near B.R.1. : ltristol 25653. 1’4116 MORGAN ” 4;4.” 2-seater, June, 1936_ Metallic grey ; 2,1831 miles only sincc engine reconditioned lv Burtonwood ; tear and front

steering rod brakesSix good tyres. £550. Tel. little Chalfont 2073. [4117 1931 2-LITRE LAGONDA. This car has been fittod with a six-cylinder Buick engine and as a result is now one of the most responsive of its type. It fit in perfect condition, the whole job having been done regardless of cost, and is offered at the give away price of 4175. Antomotif Products Counnauy, 28. Maxwell Drive, Glasgow, S.I. Tel. : South 1672. (4118 ALLARD. First registered September, 1948; 30 h.p. ; perfect condition. Offers over £550. Engineer, Munro and Company, Ltd., Re•stalrig Factory, nclinIttirgh, 7. (4119 M.G. 1935 ” PA ” 4-seater. Reliable and used for long distancemotoring. Laid up for years in war. Mechanically sound, body average. Straight exchange for saloon, 8-12 lap. Box NO. 100. MOT0n SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C. I [4120 ARTENNA LANCIA, 1933 close-coupled 4-seater clropheast coupe by Jiunes Young. New crankshaft and beitrings. cycle-type wings, £105. Also Martin Walter two-door (!lOSC-COUpled coupé 4-seater body off Talbot 91). No seats, special bonnet and rim wings, running boards. 1,12 105. The Old Granary, Great Eversiieu,’Cambs. Tel. : Caniberton 301. [4122 1935 SINGER “LE MANS” 4-Seater sports sunshine saloon. Seeellulosed, new valves, dynamo, twin Solek Carburetters, 9 11.1.i. Fast, reliable. £240. 10, Ridgeway, Hayes. Kent. To. : ilunitway 1091. [4123 MORRIS MINOR ENGINE, 1933 o.h.c. All parrs in good condition. £10 or offer. 20, Green Lawns, Fasteote, Middlesex. (4124 RILEY NINE saloon, 1929. New KJ,. and 13. feria Smiles, 1. Eastern Road, Brightlingsea. (4126 ILLS. 8PEtil£1,L. Built 1950, total mileage 4,000. Light chassis . with smart 2-5eater tdurninium body. Red. N t7 is’ all-weather equipment. Foldflat screen. New Springs, shaek-ks and trier inn-type shock absorbers. Hydraulic brakes rsmeivcst throughout. Finger-tip steering, E.N.V. axle. 4.75 to 1. New Lucas battery. Rover 14.11.p. engine, sleeved to standard, crank reground and fitted Mantel pistons. At present fitted with single downdratight SAT., but three sidedraught S.U.s complete with special manifold riVailable for speed trials, etc. Ali outstanding motor car and u real pleasure to drive. Only genuine enthusiasts need apply. Best offers around £285, or would consider small modern saloon in exchange. II. J. Silvester, Wadsworth and Silvester, Ltd., Duncombe Street, Illetchley, illaks. Tel. : Illetchley 129. [4128 CANADIAN 30-H.P. V8 E510INE, including clutch, I t minus manifolds and accessories. Buyer £S 10.s. I. Penge Road, E.I3. [4129

1933 MORGAN THREE-WHEELER. Engine very good condition ; 45-50 m.p.g. Open reasonable offer. Apply weekends, 25, Middle 1,anc, Epsom.

14131 L.M.B. MK 2 1,100-C.C. SPECIAL, 1949.

CilaiSiS, Telecontrols, single S.U. or blower, oil cooler. Scintilla magneto, spevial inlet, exhaus.t manifolds. Iloechm kunirs, remote gear control,etc.

£33a. Tel. Worthing 5709. 41, iiitixtsua-kiksz, 1929 supercliarged ” 381250” open 4-seater. Hood, side-screens, hood cover and tonneau …over in mad condition. £100 spent recently “11 complete rew.WIIIR, new batters. live 11,w tyres, wheels re-spoked and bulanced. new wind-semenMartin. Tel. Office, Wigan ;1504 ; home, 1948 (October) STANDARD *EIGHT tourer. Metallic 1 st, Anne,:.-on•Sea. 418. blue, blue interior, excellent finish. Mechanically pertect. Unipe,1 spare. tOor very I40

liy, Bristol. AUSTIN ” W Special.” Garagebuilt ; 1930-7

engine in excellent condition . • 7.8 ; mpg, over 40. £200. 29, Kendrick Road, Reading.

Tel. : Reading 60013. [4136 BENTLEY 44-LITRE ENGINE in 3-litre, 4-seater Red Label short chassis. 1′.1.00 lamps, 15 in. wheels Spare C-type box. Whole car in really good condition. Any reasonable offer considered. Peter Binns, 327, Billiards Lune, N.12. Tel. : Hillside 5073. [4138 RAPIER. 1930 1101Y) supercharged drophrad coupe. Black, silver wheels. First-class condition. Ttiblown conver4ion available. £400 or near offer. Gibson. Avon Cottage, Great Somerford, .Chippen hant. (4139 1933 105 TALBOT James Voting coin-Inbuilt tourer. Ilbwk with broWii leather ; 02.000 miles,, only. Any trial, weekends. £1115. llanbury, Norchards, bulky, Sa.sarport :SeVer11, Wores. Tel. : Great witley 2911. [4140 1931 INVICTA. N.L.C. A type 411itre tourer. Excellent condition throughout, four new tyres, Triplex windshields. 1.175 or offer. Biggs. Tel. : Rsading 31557. [4E42 REAR SPRINGS, two complete and unused for 2-litre M.G. type S.A. Price 412.Box 3185, Robert sun and Scott, Edinburgh. 2. [4141 HUMBER TOURER, 1935. 12 h.p. Excellent condition. £100. Davies, the Les Cottage, Barton, Cambridge. [4143 COME AND INSPECT the new DeHow 2-seater sports mode) at Catch net’ Motors, Ltd., Highgate Village, London, N.6. Tel : Moninview 4444, [4144 MORRIS EIGHT, 1936 saloon, rough cverywherc, suit special builder, ):,65 ; 350-cc, Barr and Stroud sleeve-valve motor-cycle, complete, f„ IQ ; 1927 Sunbeam tourer, £45 ; 20 by 3 ME. new Dunlop, 305. 1 litre Invicta distributor drive ; Lucas large headlamp, as new, 505. ; 3-li.p. Bradford hopper-cooled horizontal stationary engine, tittlt used, modern, C15 ; D.C. electricmotor, (.5 ; smashtal incomplete P.10.0s wanted ; enamelling undertaken on badges ; four new built-in jacks. 44. S.A.E. Smith, ‘Cynic Cottage, Bakers Lane, KnOwk. Binningitnn. t4145 “LE MANS” SINGER 9-H.P. 4-seater, November, 1935. Well eared for and maintained in excellent condition. £223 overhaul by Singers, plus new hood, side screens, Hartford’s, Lockheed parts, linings. five amy tubes, Me. 4:375. Reason for Sale new Singer delivered, Whittaker, 9, Manor Road, Beverley, East Yorks. Tel.: Beverley 909X. [4140 LAGONDA 44-LITRE green tourer, 1034. New hood and sidescreens. Whole car in very good eon’ (Brion ; 95 m.p.h., with excellent brakes, roadholding and comfort. 1,395. Moore, Batts Green, Whitacre, Warwickshire. [4147 …„ RILEY NINEMViiitco saloon, 1934. All-mettil Body, knock-off wheels. in very good ‘condition generally. 095. 90, Brighton Road, lianattd, Surrey. ‘rel. : Burgh Heath 1520_ 1937 TALBOT 105 Airline saloon. Mechanifea411-48. perfect. Body requires detailed attention, but perfectly presentable. £275. 00, Brighton liansterid, Surrey, Tel. : Burgh Heath 1520. [414.11 , 44 BENTLEY SPARES. tivt. of 13.11.11. pistons, standard compression, little used, complete with rings and gudgeons …0(1(r (high compression now fitted), also con-rods, direct metalled type, —4020’ in good condition. L.17 10s. Chapman, 1501, Mayplace Road, Beideyheath. Tel.: Besleyheath 2,871. [4149 SUPERCHARGED FIAT 500 coupe. Armin provides real perforntance or 5.11. gives 51 m.p.g. and running cost 1.4thi. per mile. ComMetely taxonditioned and resprayed, 1037 but most latest modifications. Bosch, heater, defroster, muff, tInimoineter. et.:. Examination welcomed. 1,295. 151, Bury Street, Rui-4i1,. Tel. Ruislip 11743. ;4150 HILLMAN FOURTEEN 02.8 h.p.) tourer, 1028. ‘Iwo owners, mikagc 115,000, verY well preserved throughout. Good tyres am) nearly new battery. Instruction book. Pull history know n • 1,110 or near. Minuittonl, 60b, West Cliff /Oaf!, Bourne mouth. : Parkstune 284, business hours. [4151 BUGATTI TYPE 55 in ax new ei unlit ion. Lightweight

body, less engine. Offers hO 1). Pierponit. Well

house, Burgess Hill, SI165,CX. ‘rel. : Burgess Hill 3215. 1-5 SPECIAL, basis .21 Jam ‘ tar engine in Singer ’41I,11. Mans ” 2-seater. litigant steering/Brim end. 1,8 rear ask, Lockheed/ Bugntti brakes. Good hood, resprayed red. Reliable, outstanding performance, steering and brakes. 080. I lallmark. The Quay, [153 Deg:tow-v. Wales. 4 LAGONDA. 1938 12 cylinder, four-door saloon, hist rebored, transmission overhauled, Iletr V.,ir springs and trout ,Moek-absorlams, new tyres, heater. Anieliffe Motors, lOgleby Cross, Nor thallerton, Yorks. [4154 LAGONDA, 11150 2,6-litre saloon, maroon and hide: 15.000 miles. All 1951 modifications, new tyres. [water. Arneliffe Motors, Ingleby Cross; NOrthaller ton, Yorks. [4154 7.00 BY 21 TYRES, 1,14 Irk:. 0d. each. Arncliffe Motors, Ingleby Cross, Northalleiton, Yorks. [4154

14,1sras, 1937. Meadows engisle4T5e(.61. and crank regrOund. Whole car excellent. Nearest £390. Johnson, 72, Gilbanks Road, Wrillastrat, Slourbridge, Worcs.

1938 RILEY LYNX I ilitre tourer. Very carefully maintained car. Engine rebuilt 8,000 suciles ago with new block. New battery, very good tyres, excellent bodywork, one wing needs respraying. Red leather upholstery perfect, hood, side screens, tonneau rover all weatherproof. Offers over 000.

Wood, Brancepeth, Co. Durham. 14156 BENTLEY 3-LITRE BIM! WWI saloon, hrst registered 1023. Pour-wheel brake:), good condition throughout, photograph available. Offers. K. Wright, Blue Slates, Wheldrake, ‘York. Wheldrake 6. (4158 TALBOT 14-H.P. saloon, 1934. Bodywork limn:timbale. Well shod, interior good. All electrics overhauled. 1,175. 12, Mount Pleasant 1)rive,

Belper. Derbyshire. [4161 VAUXHALL T80 spurts saloon. Statist throughout, new batteries. Fast and reliable .f100 Wilson 1>reaclector gearbox suitable Riley Twelve. E11602. Station llotel Garage, Twyford, Bucks. t4

MUST SELL. Alvis Speed 2(). First.class condition. Unusual fixed saloon body, suit doctor. Black. Disc wheels, heater, radio, excellent tyres, leatherwork and extras perfect, including “eas spot moxtiag lamps, cocktail trays,c4i 14.0c.:3 /375 only, or exchange Rover Fourteen or similar, cash adjustment. Carlton, 1, RaVensbourne Rtiad, Twickenham. Tel. : Popesgrove 4:143.

1935 ALVIS SII-TVE/ItAbidE saloon “10.9.” Roomy family car in very tine condition.

Commander Ryder, R..A.P., IrarriboroCu3g110t, IL‘t4Vsniiit).4,74. V12 DAIMLER., 50 11.P. 17,185 ex.). Magniiieent v i May; e tin” at ted Modern droplicul 2-4-seater coupe by Corsica in 1037, (first registered 1930) ; 47,000 miles uuu3 condition of car in keeping with it. Complete mechanical overhaul just completed, engine rebuilt, brakes relined, radiator rebuilt by Gallay’s. Must be seen to be appreciated. Photo. graphs and full history on request. Price 1,150 or near offer. Box. No. 1009, MOTOR SPORT, 15. ity Road, E.C.1. [4165 DUNLOP COMPETITION TYRES, 5.25 by 16, used it, two trials only, unmarked. Oils-ti, to Richard “rvaLlicsu. (Garages/ Ltd., Victoria Street, Stourbridge, 14166 RARE OPPORTUNITY, 1;)3s Talixa 110 3flitre four-door dropheisd Colin,: by ()fiord. Black, Mint:imitate throughout, mechanicitily 100 per cent. Engine completely overhauled by Rooks, bills available, steering reconditioned, exc.cllent Lyres, new hood, radio. Taxed year, any inspection welcoine, ttQW car delivered. A sacrifice 1,450. Write for aPPoildnient or further mirth:Mars to 56, Pine Avenue, Gravesend, Kent. [4107 FRAZER-NASH-B.M.W. Type 55, 1030 model couvertilile coupe. Good niceletnichl condition, hood recovered, relined. 1325. Exchange Ford Ten SpeCial, Allard or Meadows chant Nash. I lelj ui 85-I, Kingston Road, Asbhutl, Middlesex. i4(044 ALVIS FIREBIR.D, 31.2 lip., 1035, Novesul)cr. Co., lii On go.1, ursAiinv ropaircs repair. Ni-us br.ske cables, linings, exhaust system, clutch thrust and lining. starter ring, Iletiilis drive. mill hair 1)o, ni last year. Reason for sale, new car. Tel. :

don 1002. alter 7 pan.

IIISPA.NI-SUIZA SPARES and service, G. 47, Tainwortli Road, Croydon, Surrey, 1101

565 OR NEAR OFFER. 8.1i.p. Renault, 1025. Over 1,100 has been spent On this car, including new hood, sirksereens, battery, shock-absorbers, etc. Engine, magneto and dynamo have been reconditioned. Certainly one of the Mutt perfectly preserved models of its virthage. Very economical to run, doing a genuine 45 m.p.g. Interested ring It. Shaw. Ti’), : Ambassador 4501.

[4171 1935 WOLSELEY 10.h.p. roomy four-door saloo17n1. Easy-clean wheels, shownxitn appearance, Mechanically sound, reliable. Exchange smaller car, e.g.. Singer coulxi, etc., or sell around 4105. Box No.

1033. Morita St-or-r, 15, City Road. E.C.1. ‘.4173 1926 CLYNO • • 1)19″ saloon. Body sound, wttherproOf, , engine complete, needs overhaul. 1,20.

Delivered 20 milts. Tel. : Flaxman 9258. (4174 BENTLEY, It-litre, 1031 two-door saloon. Most interesting body by Gurney-Nutting in nuxletate condition. New floor carpet and recently touched up inside. Engine No. YR 5088, intintately known by owner who invites minute inspection. John Berry and Co.. 72, George Street, hfutichter, 1. Tel.: Central 2859. 41711 ALVIS “12.50”, “16.g” and ” 19.6 ” spares, from 1925-36. New gaskets, valve springs, fabric cOupliugs, Mc. ; half-shafts’, differentials, prop shafts, axles, all engine spares, gearboxes, road springs, tanks and radiators. Send details of model and ytnr, or sketch if not original. 0. Bagshawc’rhe Green, Bath Street, Belguive, Leicester. 14176 ALVIS SILVER EAGLE, 1936 4,senter tourer. PrOft$sionally rebuilt 11140. 410 Mx. British rating green. Engine rebuilt 1051. Well shod. New hood .1nd SidescrVenswhole car in attractive Condition. 1,280. Enquiries and photos, -218,

Ashcroft Road, Litton. [4179 ALf1f3, 1931 ” 12.60 ” ” beetlelniek ” 2’3 seater. .Quite nice condition body and engine. Completely weatherproof. Tyres soutal. 1,I40. Further details supplied. Holwill, Garden Lane, Titvistock. Devon. Tel. : Tavistock 628, by day.

BENTLEY 3-LITRE (November, 192.0j, short-elir4as.isiiSI open .1-seater. Eiccellent paintwork and mechanical order. Zeiss headlamps, 20-in. wheels, original wings, Seen Stinth-West, l’hobographs available if desired. Box No, 1010. Moron Seour, 15, City Road, E.C.I. RILEY “3216,” 1033. P:srfecl. block, 800 I.:Tl

ea since rebore, new pistons, rings, crank reground, mains, big-cotta metalled, clutch refaced, relined, steering overhauled, wheel bearings renewed, brakes trued, relined. Many other parts replaced. Body. sound. Insured. 4;l80, View ‘weekends or by appointment Loudon. .Stogdon, Surrey House, Oekley, near Dorking. OFFERS FO .DELAGE DS ENGINE and Vail)021111,4 R, with all accessories, engine has just been retouch. tiOned. lios NO, 1013, MoronSuOrir, 15, City Road, E.C.1. 14190

” AUTOCARS,” most numbers from 1936-30 and .similar Motors and MOTOR SPOars. Also MI publications as above from 1046-50. Foote, 47. The Grove, Finchley, 5.3, Tel.: Pinehley 1352. 14182 VERY SPECIAL VINTAGE A.C. 2 titre 2-seater sports. Resprayed, show finished engine. Drop. fiat acto screens, )55 mph. ” Freshfields,” ham, ;4185 SPECIAL BUILDERS. Prom ask, 14-in. specially built brakes, unused, wheels and steering gear. litigant Type 37 gearbox, overhauled, mlaptable any engine, Scar :ode, 4.5 to I ratio. ” Preslinelds,’ Palkenhant, 4x-twit:h. (4188 DELAGE DMS, 1927, boat-bodied ’21 tip. Excellent mechanical order throughout. Best offer over 4220: lielage DI 14 Isp. drophend coupe, dickey,excel. lent runner, 00. Ihris No. 12014, :Winn( SpoRT, 15, City Road, 15C.1. 14202

AUSTIN SEVEN SPECIAL (Coachwork slightly damaged), 104a registration. Alta head, Zenith, at .s., iwrodynantie lanly froat cowling and radiator grille crumpled, easily aliairable), otherwise in excellent conditien, only liana) miles. Nearest 030. Seen Es-ex. Box Ni.. 111VS atirroa Smear, 15, City Road, E.C.1. ” MOTOR SPORT,” 1046 -1051i live complete ye.-;11::r3a9:”, plus seventeen earlier copies. laatt paid, 60s. ” Grand Prix Cars,” by Pomeroy. Offers. Knott, ’29, Eieldvale Road, Sale, Cheshire. 14320 1933 LAGONDA ” 16/80 ” open sports, 1936 Meat. Firebird 4-door saloon, 1923 Alvis ” 12,10 ” tourer. Vull details : Robert Thwaites, Manor Mill Garage, Perramar-Worthal, Truro. Tel.: Perranatr-Worthal 196. Alvis and vintage enthusaists welcomed. [4327 TYPE 40 BUGATTI chassis, fated 1030 tah.c. Ataia»ta engine. Body a bit rough but mechanitaa nod Chassis condition very goad. Giaal performance. Genuine 25 m.p.g. /)0 tax: Bargain. L151). COoke, 15. Hazon Way, Epsom. 432s 1930 SINGER our. engine and gearbox, with magneto, carburetter, manifold, dynamo, starter. shown running in chitasia; 612. Tel. : Grimotyke 1006. 14329 VAUXHALL ” 25/70,” labric•covert,1 ” 30i05″ engine. Crankshaft reground, new pistons, titled by Laystalls; new valves, Needs completing, Best offer over L101. Quantity of” 23/60 ” and 30,198 “.spares : radiators, cylinder block, crankease, sumps. etc., etc. S.A.E. for details. C. G. SanYille, BrOw Cottage, Bollin Hill, Wilmslow, Cheshire. ‘1330 ALFA-ROMEO. 1,750 C.C., twin-cam, 4-door sports satinet. Overhauled last year. Oaf), or exchange for Ford Atigliti, Prefect, or good 8/12b.p. saloon or coupe. Granville Jones. .17, ladmondatown, r.,11%.• pandy, Glam. .4331

1934 M.G. MAGNA, 12 H.P., 4 seater. Just namayed, four new tyrca, new headlamps ; upholstery rather shabby. al35. Oa. Oak Road, Redear, Yorks.. 4;332 SALMONS TICKFORD drophead coupe Vaal:dal ” 1401.” 1934, fill ,-1 Robelos. witaltonts, and mane other extras ; a175. AND Singer ” Le Mans ” R. I’. Letelter, Beaeonhill Copse, Ring wood, Ilants. 4333 1500 OR EXCHANGE Laguniat or Bentley. 1935 Lagonda 31-litre V.11. open tourer ;

P.1 WS. l:1111Clition exceptionally aaoa ; very economical. aVould eonaider any potent 4-seater. J, Royal, 59a, Heighant Road, Norwich. ‘I’d. : Norwich ‘26378. 14334 EXCHANGE-1935 AUSTIN SEVEN tourer, pertet:t condition, for Morgan 4,-cyliniter 2-seater threewheeler or ” Nippy.” Caaah either war. Write : Davis, ” Rtiatrevor.” tralk, -Brentwood, Easex. (4341

1925 TALBOT TEN. Excellent bodywork. Magneto needs attention. Seen by appoint meat. IL Smythe, Round Oak Cottage, llopton Lane, Mirfield, York,. !43 1135 OR CONSIDER any car in -Part exchane’e 1934 Wolseley Twenty saloon, good tyrea brakes relined, engine and chassis .very good ; interior clean ; taxed ; body sound. Tel. : Flitxman 2604. ;4336 ALVIS ” 1240 TL,” 1932, drophead coupe. /..161, or mice Rnuning order, tyres gaud. lalchardson, 1$,

Devonshire Road, Hazel Grove, Cheahire. ;4335 1926 SUNBEAM TWENTY-FOUR, engine very good, chassia complete runner, less radiator. Also spare knoek-on wheels ; i;17. 3, The Elms, Belmont Hill. Lewisham. Tel. 49-14. 143314 VALE SPECIAL 2-seater sports, 1304. Ittaanall. Dolled engine, 1,90 overlatuls. Good condition. Available labdon :too. (.225. lei. No. 1049, aherox

‘Minn’, 15. city Road, 43)11 BENTLEY SPARES FOR SALE ; .14-0tre aalca, springs, frame, brake drums, 111.1 r4 snails, lamp storks, ” C ” gearbox, magnetos, dynamo, starter, inlet and exhaust manifolds, exhaust pipe, magneto cross-drive, camshaft assembly complete, bulkhead, Autovae, propashaft, pedals and arake gear, eaterrail, water pump. A.T. 100-m.p.h. speedo mul cable, carburetters, clutch stop, wheels, lock rings, caps, 3-litre blaick, rails, crankease, flywheel, etc. Also ” 61 ” -breaking up for spares-. Many other parts.

Evergreen Service Station, Stanway. Tel. Colcheater Vaal. 41::I5 SUPERCHARGED 4i-LITRE BENTLEY, 2-seater. Chassiscompletely and superbly rebuilt by Sid lawrenev, lilted most beautiful new 2,saider body, mataistered in nal hate. in nee and faultless condition throtighout. (lasio or near offer. latanp•Plaee, Evergreen Sera-tee Station, Stanway. Col cheater 2600. -13-16

RILEY ADELPHI ,tioon body. off •’ 12 4.”

doors and seats. Riley ” 12.1 ” eliasos frame, ” 12,4 vylinder blocks, axlea, bumper bars, timing cases, pistons, king-pins, etc. Riley Nine crown. wheel’s. king•pina, clutch thrusts, t Mina; wheel.. valves, etc. Rover Tea gearbox and benhousine.

Riley ‘• 2-seater, 9 lap., nice condition, 195. Arthur ltrytien, 1111, Wellington Real. LciaLs, Letala 38625-3a310. 4347

. _ . -ALVIS FIREFLY, in good conditain. Oil con

amnia ion negligible. Griml tyreS. Price !”.. So. Box No. 1056, MOTOR SMMT, 15. City Road, Ea:. I. 4314

ROLLS-BENTLEY, re_u___. _ ila ta. r.dymimic Open Is-eater sports body at Cost of 001) liodyisork complete including spraying but interior trimming sIll reqUirrid. rehiele when complete seenal qualify for ale tax. UnfOrtUnnte re:Mon compels quick saltti aa00. Beard, Dila Dale Rata, Swinton, ,I.)(4-ri?-?1-. T el. : Deaby 55591. 2 SINGER. Doctor posted at,eotul, bareed to sell

carefully maiittained ” ain’t; ‘• Singar. Twin carburetters, liat.tery. tyro, as new, only 2,000 miles since reskeving, erankaha ft regoiund, laoringa rentelanctl, new clutch plate. gasket!: and pluga, gearbox reconditioned, ete., rewired recently. Coachwork excellent. a300 or near. Apply Rox No 1086, aloaOrt Smarr, 15, City Road, 11.0.1. 1.1351 ALVIS SPEED2-07ILINDER HEAD contp4:te wit] valves, guides and springs-. rita’avra aral Pedestals Sill,, manifold stada. Condition perfect. Ex-193 ifs. model. Seen by appointment. 1.15. ialll1;In 23, Paiwan Way. Ilurdsaeld, alacchatield. FOR SALE-continued BENTLEY, 1929. ” .11.” 4-oeater, rebuilt with modern aluminium body, 19-in. wheels, Zeiss lampa, chrome radiator. twin witultonea, full tonneau. built an jaeka, excellent tyres, batteries. Engine recently reconditioned. The whole veltiele In truly -magnificent condition. Without 1,o:taring this (Mist be today one of the finest specimens of thia Natoli:4 marque.. 1,500, or tel consider part eXeleange for 3-titre &fathead or saloon. Bturd. Da), Dale Road, Spontion, Derby. Tel.: Derby 555111. 1,434-3

“LE MANS” SINGER sports 2’soiter, six-cylinder, three carburetters, .25 m.p.g. Engine recently sleeved and recOualitioned at cost of (fill. New crown-wheel end pinion, recellulosed Metallic green, 710w side sereenS, chronic luggage rack., trumpet Ming’, etc. Smart au. Also iminIvr of setaindltand spares slightly soiled but still mew, complete gearbox, most engine pads-, steering column, rear axle shafts and casing, etc., f„4335r0,2. Durbrklge, c/o Tatham, Garage, Guildford Road, Godalming. Surrey.

1936 B.M.W. Type 55 drimhead cabriolet 4,seater. 1,375. ” Illantiford.” New &Ma Vann Road, Shorehanaby•Sea. Tel.: Shoreham 30IS.

1927 RILEY 12-haa feseater tourer. Excellent runner and votelition. Any trial. 00.

33, Headstone Read, Harrow, Middlesex. !4:354 atiaoratitkapLANE 17-h .p. 11616 oiloon, Radio. Windt…nes, etc., good conditima ‘Spare en4g3i5n5c minus head ; 23 m.p.g. L245. Box No, 1040. aliaroit Stioter. 15, City Road, paca.

MORGAN ” 4:4 ” 4-seater, 1939 media, firat reaistered chamber, I93a. Criventry Climax engine. Recent engine overhaul, gOdd tyres-, many extras. Calour dark green. The car maintained regardless ef coat la. enthusiast and in excellent canulitMit t !melt:Matt. a425. BON No. 10.11, Martin Spoka. City Raid, MARENDAZ -SPECIAL, 1930 2:4 ‘seater, 141;413:.ip6. 15.

Three S.V.s line Specimen. 095, 11. McLellan. 27, Martatield Close, Denton, Manchester. f43 CENTRIC SUPERCHARGER, No. 125. Goodc:50n0415 or near offer. Powell, Bourtomen-Dill,

aloreton•imalaralt, Glos. 14-36S chassis. Fitted with slab tank. aI25. Adams. 51, 1930 VERNONDERBY 1,100-c.c. 2-seater on Ati,iiir;;Ir Cyprus Road. Mapperley Park, Notts.

ROVER TOURER, 1924, 14-h.p. Engine excellent. Body good. New hood. Roomy, stately vintage car. 05, or offer. Seen Middlesex. Box No. 1036. NOTOR SPORT, 15. City Road, 14246 BENTLEY 3-LITRE ” RED LABEL.” ” A ” bore 3.53 B.A. Mechanically excellent. Three good tyres. Re-cellulosed black. Red upholstery. 050, or near offer. Also 3-litre engine, .almost complete. ” B” bore 4.23 crown-whee, and pinion. Pair Zeiss beadlanqi.s, armed. What offers ? Lt.-Cdr. F. W. Gayford, The Retreat, Mit ton Road, Bent bridge, I.W. (4247 1936 LANCHESTER TEN. his4 rebuilt as sports 2.senter. Engine bored, crank ground, etc. Brakes re-lined, re-wired, new hood, sick-screens, stub axles and starter. Looks and goes like a Mercedes. Nearest 4250. Going abroad. Crookes, 33, Stephen Hill Road, Sheffield, 10. Tel. : Sheffield 63887 14245 LAGONDA 2-litre tourer, 1932. Well shod. Brakes re-lined, new batteries, engine good. Nice motor. Quick, 18, Crossways, Doncaster. Tel. : Doncaster 1 4708. 4249 Oa AUSTIN SEVEN ENGINE. Excellent condition. Complete less magneto and carburetter. Best over 11.T.11. magneto suitable last, -as new, £5. 3-litre Bentley spares, send inquiries. Box No. 1025,

moron SPORT. IS. City Road. [4254 BENTLEY 3-LITRE. Excellent and original condition throughout. Engine rebuilt, body resprayed and fitted with P100. Brakes and clutch relined. Taxed for year. Oilers, or exchange’ PIS “.” TA” M.G. Neale, 1.024, Bristol Road South, Rednal. (4255 Birmingham

S.S. ONE. 2041.p., 1935. In very good order. Done 10,000 since engine rebuilt. Brakes just relined. New oil coil and carburetters. Very good tyres. Seen at Bay Tree Garage, Stratton, near Bade. 065, or near offer. Td. : &ale 437. (4256 COOPER 500-C.c., July, 1950. 1,ittle used. Complete with Burman gearbox, colour green. Nearest offer to 050. 500-e.c. four-stud J.A.P. engine available if required. Ready to use this season. New Central .Garage, Liskeard, Cornwall. Tel. : Lisktard 3121, (4257

TW–, 320/1935 saloon. 1 have used this car since 1941. and always kept engine and chassis in excellent order. Engine completely rebuilt one year ago. Body requires spraying, hut seats recently recovered in good rexine. Large doWndraught S.U. gives vivid acceleration. Good maximum aud guaranteed 25 m.p.g. Brakes recently re-lined. Excellent car for enthusiast who likes covered-in sports performance. My new car, ordered 1946, has at last arrived, so I must sell this to help pay for it. 075. Perkins, 86, Bilton Road, Rugby. Tel. : Rugby 2773. [4258 DISMANTLING “61” BENTLEY, Most spares available; also Henderson and B.S.A. Motorcycle spares. Write: Dale. 142, Chesterton Road, Cambridge. (4259 1926 o.k. 15.7 TOURER. New front hood and seats. Two new tyres. Good running order. Offers over 020. Box No, 1037, Moo R SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.I. [4260 1939 RAYMOND MAYS 4-seater drophead coup7. Privately-owned by original owner. Genuine mileage 28,000. 20-h.p. eight-cylinder engine. Ifs. by Peter Berthon. Special body by Carlton

Carriage Co. Premier coachwork Award, 1939, Welsh Rally. Carefully maintained. Fast, comfortable. Prideaux•Brune, Thrift Wood, Limpsfield. Tel. : Chart 3200. [4261 “MOTOR SPORT,” Nov., 1032 to May, 1940, inclusive. Speed June, 1935 to Nov., 1937, inclusive. Only sold complete. Offers. Iremonger, 55, Courtfidd Gardens, London, S.W:5. [4262 200,000 PHOTOGRAPHS of the world’s finest and most outstanding automobiles, OS. 6d per dozen assorted. G. A. Final, 1$, Nashleigh Hill, Chesham, Bucks. 263

ks. LUCAS VERT21C MAGNETOS, suitable for Ford Ten. In perfect order. complete nail leads. Condition as new and recently overhauled and checked by maker’s agent. Cheque. or order secures. Price, t:5 each. Stewart Daniels, Buckland Manor, Lymington, Hants. [4297

44-LITRE BENTLEY engine and CIRL,SiS complete, in perfect roadworthy condition. Bialy removed late 1928. Engine No. NT 3134, chassis No. 81,3075. ” C •• gearbox, 3.53 rear axle, Servo brakes, chrome radiator. Marchal head/amps. Subject of article in the A ‘divas October, 1943. Open to MP.’ inspection. 6200, offers. Stratton, White House, Plough Lane, christleton, near Chester. Tel. : Chester 35720. [4298 1930 16.9-H.P. SUNBEAM saloon. Very good -condition, excellent upholstery, recently rebored. Taxed aud insured. 070. To be seen at 5. RadleY Mews, Kensington, London, W.5. 14302 HORNET SPECIAL. 1334, engine, gearbox, steeringcolumn, front axle beam, 435, or •oiler. Bering, ” :Mayfield,” Oxshott, Surrey. Tel. : Ox,shott 4303 1939 “TA ” M.G.. 30.(xX) milts. Engine rebuilt by Monaco. Whole car in first •class condition throughout. Box No.1047, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1. [4306 30,000 MOTORING BOOKS, magazines, journialS, new. secondhand. Immediate supply all stock titles, and new books, or c.o.d. GA. Final,. 15, Nashleigh Hill, Chi-shim, Bucks. Tel. : Cholesbury 360. [4263 17,000 INSTRUCTION MANUALS, sale or Irian. Inquiries, stamped envelope please. Manuals bought for cash. G. A. Final, 15, Nashleigh Hill, Clashion, Bucks. [4263 SUPERCHARGER, Northey-Boyce twill rotor, brand new and unused ; ideal 500-1,100-c.c. engine. Bargain, al. Box No. 1026, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.J. ‘4264 ALVIS ” 12;50 ” 1926 tourer, mechanically excellent, absolutely reliable ; economical, Weatherproof ; various spares. 010. Seen Bingley. Full particulars on request. Box No. 1027, MoToR SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1. (4265 SUNBEAM DAWN saloon, 12.8 It.p.. 1034. Hydratelie brakes, i.f.s., remote manual box. Comfortable fast cruise, sunshine roof. Good leather, traflicators etc. Reconditioned wherever necessary. £230. Wanted : very small motor car. Box No. 1025, MOTOR SPoler. 15, City Road. [4267 AUSTIN SEVEN Spore; Special, 19.16. British

racing-green. External hand.brake, attractive low body, with hood. Five new tyres. 060. or near. Box No. 1029. MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, le.C.1.

[4265 1530 BENTLEY 44-LI.CRE saloon, rebored and everything overhauled 2,000 miles ago ; new tyres. 1925 Peugeot limousine, 23 It.p., left-hand drive, in showroom condition, good tyres and spares Most engine parts. for M.G. Type M, also Alvis 1930 16-h.p. Two tyres 700 by 20. Self-change E.N.V. gearbox, ex-MG, 12-lip. Complete hood and frame for Alvis” 12/50″ 1930 C. & Ellis tourer. One open hub wire wheel for early ” 12/50.” Shiter, Sp3(14e2b40,, Carlisle.

I WISE TO DISPOSE of my 1925 Austin Seven Chummy. The car is in perfect condition, recently rebored, fitted new hood and side-curtains, four new tyres, new battery, trafficators, Notes spotlight. Radiator copper plated. Instruction manual. Taxed until December, 1951. Photographs to genuine inquiries. Nearest £85, or exchange larger vintage sports car. 150, Moorside Road, Eecleshill, Bradford, Yorks.

Tel. : Bradford 37771. [4272 1983 SINGER tourer, 12.911.p.. 4-seater. Mechanically sound, cruises 45 m.p.h. Bodywork very good. Taxed, insured. 070. : Gips): Hill 2317 (S.E.19): (Naval officer overseas.) 14273 AUSTIN SEVEN SPARES for sale. Genuine ” Ulster” gearbox, £10; • Nippy engine, 00 or separate. 5.625 narrow track back axle, £7. 103. New short chassis frame, C6. Aluminium cylinder heads, new Ricardo 47, high-compression Alta. /.5. Girding backplates, los. Many other spares. Box No. 1030; Moroa SPORT, IS’, City Road, E.C.I. BENTLEY “44,” February, 1931, Gurney Nutting ig roomy 4-seater fixed-head coupe on 10 ft. 10 in. open 4-seater chassis, under 70,000 milts. Engine sleeved, new flywheel ring. B.D.C. member. selling for domestic reasons. £200, or exchange Small Or mohum saloon in good condition. North Midlands. Box No. 1031, MOTOR SPORT, 15; City Road. E.C.1. ALVIS “12/60 BEETLEBACK,” 1931, exefrI condition, very smart. 4200, or exchange good vintage 4-seater. 31, Cloisters Avenue, Bickley, Kent. (4277 TALBOT ” 105 ” ROAD WHEELS, 19 by 5.50 in., rebuilt, complete with Michelin tyres and tubes, each. Latest type Zenith for ‘Talbot ” 75,”

£13St-S. twin action ‘mum, as new. 43. Pair of Ford Prefect headlamps, C3 the pair. D. Margulies, Flat” K.” 59, Netherhall Gardens, London, NAV.3.

Tel. : Hampstead 5732. [4280 ALVIS ” 16/95 ” SILVER EAGLE saloon. Excellent condition. Over .[,280 spent on this car post-war. £265. Eastwood. 22, Tavistock Avenue, Perivale, Middlesex. Tel. : Perivale 8162 (evenings, weekends). [4304 285-1933 WOLSELEY 12-H.P., 4-door Saloon. Rebored, crankshaft reground. Argent, Laindon c, otT1111011, Ilillericay. [4305 SPORTS-RACING ” TC ” M.G. 1949 ehassis with 1950 light body. Engine wet -littered to 1,497 c.c. Two cylinder heads, good hood. Ready to race. 050. Molyneux, Angmering Garage, Anginering, Sussex. Tel. : Rustington 47. [4308 ITELLOW SPORTS 2-seater, 1950, grey, mileage 6.500. TWO span: wheels, extras. Better than new. AVILA offers ? Carmichael, 3, Sixth Avenue, Bridling• ton, Yorks. (4309 ALVIS “1250,” rough open 4-seater body, good tyres 2.8:10 mpg. 185. Lt. Drew, (hikers’ Mess, Lonemoor. Ilan t 14312 VAUXHALL, TYPE D, similar ” E,” lowered steering. Good tyres. Any old offer considered. •• stockswell,” Hard Lane, St. Helens, Lancs. [4321 FORD TEN/AUSTIN SEVEN ARROW, Nippy chassis, looks like M.G.; not home made ‘ • 009. Nippy engine, gearbox(I 3-in. crank). 50, Temple Sheen Road, Loudon, S.W.14. : Prospect 2814. [4322 P.100s, brand new, £25 pair. Also Daimler Lancheiter spares for all models. Wrecks bought. Mason’s, 16-24, Mahlon Road, London, NO. Tel. : Tottenham 7803. (4281 BEARDMORE RACING ENGINE, 4-cylinder, 0.h.c.. 69 by 114 nun. Prepared by makers, never used. Absolutely as new. Complete with radiator. 4-speed box, spares. Ideal basis for vintage racer. k.55, or offer. Venning, Vicarage, Takeley, Bishops Stort

[4282 LEA-FRANCIS saloon, 1211.p., O.h.c. Immaculate condition, good tyres. Stored since 1935. Sound, but requires eheckover. Space required ; photo available. 475. yenning, Vicarage, Takele).

Bishops Stort ford. i4z.53′ 235—ROVER TEN, 1029, brake body, 35 m.p.g. M.G. 2-litre saloon, 025. G. Stevens, 7, Page Heath Lane, Bickley, Kent. 1935 LAGONDA RAPIER 4-seater tourer, fa4bs2804•lately 100 per ecnt., resprayed red ; terrific perfor mance ; completely overhauled regardless of cost ; £375Austin Si:ven Nippy, Zenith downdraught car• buret ter, complete inlet soul exhaust manifolds, CO 10s. Large stock Austin Seven spares, new and second hand. 1(150 I nleeeIs. Specials built f Ford eoit nerds (new), first.class workmanship. New and retread tyres, list price, 15, 16, 17. 18 and 19-111. Brake and clutch linings, fan belts, brake cables, deViti pins, assorted sizes. Littabourne Garage,

Barnstaple. : Barnstaple 2715, after 7 p.m. 14285

13(3521. AUSTIN ” 12/4 ” taxicab. Part rewired, three new valves and dynamo, magneto and starter overhauled. Professionally converted, with safety glass. £37 10s, Keogh, 124, Fawcett Street, S.W, I O. [4256 FRAZER-NASH, 1937, Meadows If-litre 4ED engine. New standard pistons fitted to overhauled engine, also new clutch and brake linings. Body resprayed black. Everything in first-class order. Offers to : J. A. McLaughlin, ’27, Marsh Hill, Erdifieton, Birmingham, 23. (4218 RILEY NINE GAMECOCK. Giicid condition through. out. Recent engine Overhaul, new hood and respray. Lively and economical. 050, or near. Islas, South Street, Milnathort, Kinross-shire. (4259 GENUINE TALBOT. (” 90 “) sports, close-coupled, 4-seater, D.H. coupe, 1932.3, in excellent condition. A real Sports car to drive, 045. Bone, The Old Rectory, Weeting, Brandon, Suffolk. Tel. Brandon 265. 14200 FIAT, 1924, 11-R.P., TYPE 501 2,seater, with dickey, in excellent condition throughout ; wrformancemul cornering outstanding ; new balloon tyres. ‘Taxed. £65. Bone, Old Rectory, Weeding, Brandon, Suffolk. Tel.: Brandon 205. [4291 1924 STANDARD, 13.9 H.P., 4/5-seater tourer, in extremely good condition. One owner. New hood, side-screens, tyres as new ; engine uses no oil. Whole tar absolutely reliable. CO. Bone, Old Rectory, Wetting, Brandon, Suffolk. Tel. : Brandon ‘265. (4202 ASTON-MARTIN early side-valve models, large quantity spares available. Blagdon Engineering Blagdon, Seaton Burn, Northumberland. (4293 DIESEL CONVERSION-CADILLAC, tourer body, Perkins engine. Running cost id pci nine. Radio— perfect condition. Price C90), or near offer. Phonc or write : Td. : Watford 11314. or Tuke Hill 3020 alter 5.30 p.m. 21, Clarence Avenue, S.W.4. (4296 SPARES OF ALL DESCRIMONS to I e cleared, s.a.e. for list. Samples : Rover Twelve block, with pistons : B.S.A. front su.spension ; FIAT front ‘suspension ;Rudge dirt track engine ; Morris Eight engine ; Morris Eight crankshaft kits. Various sets of new pistons. Morris Twelve crankshaft and kit. J. Foster, North Cave. E. Yorks. (4300 VINTAGE SPARES : ” 12/24″ Lagonda engine, gearbox, front cu,l rear axles and wheels, 425, or would separate ; 1927 Humber chassis, 21 ‘imp., 11 eYlinder io.e. engine, 4-speed gearbox, 4.5 back axle, 14-in. aluminium brake drums, good tyres, offers. Dismantling 1029 Silver Crossley. all spares available. Few sparesfor 1928 sleeve-valve Daintier. also 1933 W. & G. Buenos. Brown, 821, Woodbridge Road, Ipswich. 14315 LAGONDA 2-LITRE, 1930 Speed Model tourer, body and chassis in perfect condition, finished in chrome and olive-green. New tonneau ; engine resleeved 2,000 miles, modifications carried out. amazing performance. A truly wonderful CNROlple of a 2-litre ; probably one of the fastest untiloWn 2-litres in the country. ow, or nearest offer. Robinson, 51, Satalitere. Road, Northeuden, Manchester. (4319 VAUXBALL, 2f3-seater ” 20/60″ lturli,igltam, also .complete runner as spares. Must sell haying purchased Hispano. Offers around 4150. Scott, Egerton Court, Pelham -Street, S.W.7. Tel. : Knights bridge 2159. 14320 D.K.W., 1939, 8-11.P., 2-door saloon. Very good mechanical condition, good tyres all round, body very smart inside and out. £2.80. F. II. Phillips, 336, Kingston Road, London, S.W.20. Tel. : Liberty 2057. [4324 ALVLS ” 12/90 ” ” Beetieback.” Ittputyed, new *yes. hood, carburetter, etc. 30 m.p.g. (150 or exchange smaller 4-4eater. Photo Wait 103, Royston Road, Maidstone, Kent. 14187 FOUR-CYLINDER O.H.V. ENGINE ” Cek-aciO,” eompetition gembox, (0. Buyer collect. 74. Hamilton Road, West :sorwootl, London, S.E.27. 141911

LAGONDA 8-LITRE tourer, 1930. Very ‘good mechastieally. CoaChwork, hood, Screens, tonnectu cover, tyres, good. Instruction manual. (210. Tel.: Brentwood 1387. [4192 1929 TRIUMPH EIGHT tourer. Good running opier. Lockheeds, new pistons. 405 or nearest offer. Ashcroft, 21, Albury Drive, Pinner, Middlesex. (4197

ASTON-MARTIN, 1939 2-litre rear axle assembly, 4.66 to I, (23 ; front axle with hubs, (10; springs, front tout rear. Aird, 11, Brockfield Road, Bedford. [4198 fEA-PRANCIS, 1928 ” 12140 ” MeadowS 4EDengined sports comx: (2;3-senter, with dickey and Maxi). completely restore, to original conditiiin following maker’s specifications. This car is in inagniffeent order throughont. Cellulose:1 British racing green, 1,250 or rea,xmable offer. M. Kingham, Pucks Wood, -Pinchanue,,teitd, Berkshire. (4199 1928 LEA-FRANCIS ” 12/40 ” 2.senter tourer. Good tyrtrs, engine, battery and laxly. 035. Townson, 61, Monmouth Road, Wallasey, 14201 RILEY M.P.H. If -litre, late I9:35. British racing green. First•class condition, 19-in. Alloy brakes. Large chrome headlamps, seven tyres hardly used,

new batteries and salesereens. 0.1(1(1)110:W. Offers. Tel. Speedwell 81116. [4203 TALBOT 105, 1933, black sports saloon VOWne, of Bromley. Reconditioned engine gearbox, etc., fittol end 1948. Just fitted new batteries and reconditi,mecl tlynamotor. Sound throughout, daily use Lett three years. Instruction book and many spares. (ISO. Read, Woodford, ite,la in I, Vet ‘,CT t011, boson. 14204 FIVE NEWDELAHAVE WHEELS, four balanced brake drums. 112 17s. 6d. Sail and Gales. Waterloo Square, Bognor ReetS. 14206 Wotstitti HORNET March Special, 1933″ 12/6″ 2/4 seater. Maroon. red leather, silver wheels. Super eondition throughout, extra Stone guard aero screen. Owned since 1931. engineer main regardle..s of er,st. Proved high performance, 75 m.p.h., 28 m.p.g., oil, 1.300 imp,g, Taxed 1951. nuticulars, professional examination, trial wed. coined. (300 nearest. Martin, IC), Grafton Road, Worcester Park, Surrey. Tel.: Derwent 4282,

weekend, evening. [4207 THE IDEAL MOBILE GRANDSTAND for race meetings. London Austin taxis, seat six. Gilmanteed runners and fully roadworthy. From (75. : Canonbury 1770. (4308 B.M.W. TYPE 49 drophearl coupd. Recent hood and recelintose. Sports performance with unusual comfort for four. (250. Box 1,:o. 1015, Morent SP1402R13-6 13. City Road, AUSTIN SEVEN CHASSIS PRAISES, new, latest type 1938 Ruby. ideal for specials. Ten guineas each. Harcourt Motors, ChandoS Street, Ixaming ton Spa. Tel.: Leamington Spa 1904. [4212 ROVER 1241.11., 1933. Excellent order throughout. Family saloou with performance. (205. Sports car exchange considered. Box No. 1016, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.I. (4211 ittittEv 3-litre 1920 instruction book, offers. Two Rialge wheels, 21 in. tomb, 42 num. (I end:. Two &chi 523 by 21 cheers, (1 each. Ace/tin SO/1.11 engine and gearboa (incomplete), (5. Morris 1927 chassis complete with Itotchkisa engine. new bull. ItOtie radiator, wheels. tyres, tubes ; towable. 00. Box No. 1017, 71467ron Siktra, 13, City 1,135id, (4213 HOODS, Ete.—Iloods, Sereel.kt) enveloPcs, tonneau covers. Complete interiors. First-chi:4s, Connell Bros., 667, high Road. E.10. Tel. : LRY 7223 ; 7, Ilighlield Road, N.21. Tel.: LAB 2608. [4210 NEARLY COMPLETE TALBOT VS SPECIAL. New engine. (80. Also VS engine and gearbox complcie accessories ; 3,0110 since reconditioning. 118. Also 22 V8 block (lard:shaft, camshaft. flywheel, carburetter and StInalleS. IS. Pope. Drybill Icarm, Witecant,e, 010s. TL WIT 3113. !4217 ALFA-ROMEO, stif,,..tcha:get1 ‘• ” -setter 11101.10 oct111/1: y 111C01)1111,14 ,,verhauled for which bilis can be produced. Body just reAvayed grey :Ind red. A perfect example of this tanioUS car at the low figure of Only (750. Box Ni lODI, Moron Scoter, 15, City ROad, 14218

BENTLEY ” 41 ” ENGINE. Complete with muu:cmcltnIls. ny op,’ and plate clutch, Ina less carburetter; caul miguelos. Offers ? Box NU. 1019, Moron Siquir, 15, City Roth, F.0 1.

1923 CHRYSLER TOURER (22I p ). aye!

running ,ader. veils maintained. Good lyres.

cam net iaSI y?:trs OD, untrtm. don Boost% 2211. Coati…01 Road, S.W.5. Tel. whio4,0,1 $753 and wi,to, cmi 76111, [4:193 ” MOTOR SPORT,” Mat’, 1045, to December, 15412 [two copies missing), Find reascantbk offer. BM, RR 11A, London, W.C.1. 11220 TWO RUDGE WHEELS. Two fair 820 by 120 11E. Tyres with tubes from 3-litre Bentley. ts, Eav,,ard., 1.11, Upper Eliner; End Road. Beekeichiammi,Kent 14.22.1 1928 I6-h.p. LIGHT SIX BURNHAM SALOON sotutd. Real leather upholstery. Aluminium body work very good condition. Special spoked wheels. Ty’reS IK:Or, windows poor. 41:2x4trettiely comfortable car. (250. Apply ; H. Beye», Wheelers Farm, Swallowlield, Berks, 1927 TA.L/30T FRENCH 11 .9-11.p. Pain t::,.:(2a-2143, hood, tonneau, battery, new. Mcxhanically excelletil. Photos available. Specimen car. Offer, round (110. Box No. 1020, MOTOR. SPORT, Iii, City Read,

FIAT ” 501 ” I two-door drophead, 1920. Recellitloseal. Three new tyreS. Mcchankatly and Iyalily perfect. PltedoS,1:1 10 . Offers. Box 1034, Moron SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.I. 14226 ” BITS AND PIECES ” Riley Nine reconditioned crank, Mains, rods, dynamos. New timing gears, sprinc,^s, pistonS. Raleigh V twin engine-gear unit James rear axle. Raleigh rear axle. 15.13.-Rag. carburetters. Outboard and marine engines. Speed 1,0:05. Norman Lion Garage, Barmouth, 1.tcl„ High Strea and Jubilee Road, 13arnamtli, Merionethshire. [4227 AUSTIN SEVEN SPECIAL. 6v, 13 plate batteries. (3 each ; MG. 18 by 500 tyrr., wheels. (10 pair ; by cutout,2ls. Oakshott, 1, Weston Villas, Thames Ditton. [4228 RAPIER DROPHEAD FOUR-SEATER. First registered 1936. Sound order and smart :4ppe:(rAtlee Sale price /350, but eXchange preferred for open 4-seater Morris Eight, Riley Nine or similar. Box No. 1021, Moron Secirp, 15, City Road, E.C.1. (4230 FORD TEN SPECIAL. Built 1940. Low mileage. Used trials only. Winner four awards this year. Ids. Two spare wheels fitted oversize tyreS. Tele. control rear shock absorber-1. Special cylinder head, clutch and flywheel. •C.entric supercharger with two drives, ntaxintinn 4 lb. and lb. Folddiat screen. Slab tank. Hood. (220, Tel.: Iltip 19)12 before ;Mildly. [4231 TYRES. Pair 21 by 7.15/. Good condition. (5. Also resilvered Notek. (3. Tel. : Stebbing (Essex) 238. 14232 2I-LITRE HOTCHKISS 4-seater special sports-goily by Corsica ; 12,000 miles only. Very good all weather equipment. Good tyres. Original spare still unused ; 1934 model ; 20-25 m.p.g. Best offer ovet 000. In London, May Fair Hotel. May 10.11.12, Milner Burlawn, Wadebridge, Cornwall. 14233

RECONDITIONED FRONT’ AND REAR SPRINGS fur 1935 Rover Fourteen. Also instruction book. 30s, lot. Wood, 117, Ringwood Road, Hight:Mk. Hants, 14234

1937 SUPERCHARGED CORD. Overhauled, cylinder heads guaranteed. Also s,vorid car used for spares ahno,t. complete. (375. Also sound spare heads.

llancox, L.:acidic:stones’ Well !Ala, Chtshire. Tel. : 2571, after 6 p.m. [4233

ROLLS ROYCE, 1932, two-door drophearl coup[. Body on 1923 Chi:S..4S. Very good condition. Just overhauled. Bill available. New tyres. (930. Box No. 1022, Moron Seonr, London, . [4230 TWENTY-FIVE COPIES “MOTOR SPORT,” Uchiriesry I1148.Marcic. 1950. Alt,, Ameriivo Automobile. Miry, 1043September, 1949, 17 copies. (Uteri. Biwa:Mehl, PyrfOrd, Surrey. ‘rel.; Bytleet 28 [13. 4238 £125. AUSTIN ” ULSTER” 7-ti.p. sport, 2.seater. Very good condition both mechanically and in appearance, having recently boa over hauled and attractively repainted. Body Inc dark In:WOW] With Main ‘Xi:1p. As far as LIM be ascer. mined this nu is as maker’s Specificntion other than alteration to manifokt, carbitretter Awl exhaust system. Tyres And Maid are mile fair. 0. Walker, 28, King rWW(11.11 AV(11111e, Shirley, South:nap:2cm

Tel. : Southampton 73770, ‘eveiline,. FIVE BUDGE WHEELS, five stud, with rovers and tubes 740 by 140, /13. Ektraeovers /2 each. Tubes 7s. 6_1. each. 710 by 1.10, 3t/0 by 1.8.31(1 lo• 17. 430 by 18. Magneto, four-cylinder, /4. Steering wheel :108. Pair Frew:1i headlamps 103 111. and six bulbs to suit, (3. Klaxon 12″ 1,1. ,-lit to 30,. Two large Ilartfords,.drilled, 5115. Elect ti,• rev. -eon n t er (3. I nchester handlimik , 1900 t? I • Donnet radiator (3. For FIAT ” 500 ” : Fran used CO Vlf and lobes. Timing wheels arid wheel cover 20s. S.C. earbirretter ’37s. Solex ditto 13 5.131,,iii complete distributor with spare cap /4. r42″4.2″ Ceinno:ting, rod, crew metal. Offers_ Riddell, Street. Llandudno. GREGOIRE, BM, tti-4.p. A sporting Edwardian 2.seitter in -:excellent einntitilin. V.C.C. certificated. This fast but monontical can has been itt regular use. For Sale, 1;120, or ‘Noah’ prefer direct exchange (Or vi pigs tonsitn.:• Seen S.F.. London. IRix No. 1035, MOTOR Spow.r, IS, City Road, (4244

LUCAS MAGNETO, suit Riley. Overhauled. Michelin tyre tube, wheel. R.L.P., suit Austin Seven ; respoked ; 60s. Part dram of Cast rol” R ” to clear. Sheppard, 11 , Vincent Avenue, Shatford•on-Avon. 14430 EXCHANGE–WOLSELEY 10 H.P.. 1936 model, roomy 4-door saloon, showroom appearance ; easy

-Ivan wheels mechanically sound and reliable ; tor snuffler car, e.g., Singer coupe, M.G., Morris Eight, ete. Value around (9M. Box No. 1081. MOTott Sewn-, 15, City Road, E.C.1. (4439

FRAZER-NASH SPECIAL. New back axle, tyres, rehashed sprockets, PoWerplus engine ; (10 tax ; exceptional performance. Best offer over 030. Carpenter, Woralmansterne lane, Ban stemi. (4437

1938 B.S.A. SCOUT 2-seater, Sell 405; Or exeliange for 4.seater drophead to ,wcpmmodate addition to 0. 11-rendon Way, Enfield. Middlesex. Tel. : Laburtunn :3613. 4440 .9.9. 20 4-seater tourer, December, 1934. Completely rebuilt at cost of (350. Looks and behaves like new. Excellent value for money at (335. Full details on request from 22, Mount Ephraim Road, Streatham, London. Tel. : Streattuun 0682. (4441

HORNET SPECIAL. 1936, chassis and engine. Unused since 1039. Rebuilt regardless of expense. 410 miles run-in. Owner leaving country. Offers. Tel. : Coventry 88030 (evenings). 14442 1950 LLOYD, 7 H.P., ultra-modern sports 4-seater: red and ivory : 56 m.p.g.; as new, 050. Wadzol Motors, 150/6, West End Lane, N.W.6. Tel. : 1177. [4443 JAGUAR, 1950. MARK V. 2I-LITRE saloon, 6,000

miles. Spotless throughout. Wadcol Motors. 150;6, Vest End Lane, N.W.6. Tel. : Hampstead 1177.

[4443 -CITROEN FIFTEEN. Saloon, 1939, f.w.d. An .exceptional car. (450. Wadcol Motors, 15016, Vest End Lane, N.W.6. Tel. : Hampstead 1177. (4443 ‘BENTLEY 3-LITRE RED LABEL, 1927, 2i3-s,o, DIE coupe. Original bOdy in excellent condition. Re-upholstered. ” C ” box. Engine overhauled .5,000 miles ago. First-class report by MacKenzie. (395. Gibb, 49, Cheyne Walk, SAV.3. Tel. : Flaxamn 1455. ‘4411 5-14 RENAULT 8-H.P., used daily for shoppme. Good hood, electric lights ; 35 m.p.g. and 35 Mechanically excellent. (115. Gibb, 49, Cheese Walk, S.W.3. Tel. : Flaxman 1455. 4445 RED LABEL BENTLEY wanted in exchange for 1032 Alvis ” TI, 12/60” Cross & Ellis 4-seater sports tourer, good condition throughout. Value 1240. Box No. 1085, Marott Stamm 15, City Road, 4147 270—STAR, 1930, 18-h.p. coma:: saloon ; Taxed. In daily use. Spares include gearbox,

parts engine and hack axle. Cuff, 118, Church Read. Barnes, London, S.W.13. 11 Is “MOTOR SPORTS,” 198(1 /12) ; Autocars, 1947 T10). 1948 (20), 1949 (40), 1950 (44), include many lot 50s. S.U., IA in.. 255. 12-v. °ilea. 15s. Linnson,

14, Leighton eTeSeellt, 14449 TALBOT ” 85,” 14 H.P., 1933/34, drophead four-some, black. Total mileage 464000, two owners. Engine rebored, sleeved, crank-shall reground. Wilson gearbox reconditioned. Coachwork and paintwork very good. Tyres almost new. (280, or near offer. Pelting, ” Marlands.” I)ambit), Sussex. [4450 DELAGE D.M.N., 21/7-1X., 1930 ; only 02.000 since new. Body and engine extremely good. Brand new latter. (175. 1,11,t. Seed, 41, Bell Common, Epping. Tel. : Epping 2151. 14451 1931 RILEY NINE. Most engine and ellaSSIS parts. Cylinder block cracked but believe repairable. Three 550 by 10 tyrai, wheels, discs; new 1936 radiator. Felton, 15, Beverley Drive, Stag Lane, Edgware. 14452 AIISFORD. Tuned Ford engine’, i.f .s. Good .boost; two unused spares-, new battery. licensed. Genuine inquirers may try out at 61. Sea lane, Goring-by -Sem Sussex. 14433 AUSTIN SEVEN CHUMMY ENGINE, complete with gearbox, clutch, starter, magneto, dynamo, carburetter, starting handle, magneto. Converted to

• coil ignition. Running order and ready to drop straight into chassis. (12. Also TT. raving o.h.v. Douglas lint-twin, 500 c.c., with carburetters, magneto, etc.; magneto requires attention ; with gearbox, tank and exhaust pipes ; (12. Sell as one lot for (21. Smith, 48, Brookvale -Road. S0110771151)4. ton. ALVIS 1935 CRESTED) EAGLE 5-seater saloon. fine anidition. (275, or near offer. Seen ‘Vt,t London. Tel. : -Waxlow 1592, after 6 p.m. 14455 ZEUS 12-in. HEADLAMPS for sale or would ex:change for 54 in, ANo two III ,?01 horns utd supercharger. D. Payne; 79, Bryant Road, Strooll, Kent„ Strood 7105. (4456 • ____ —-• –

MORGAN SUPER SPORTS, 1934, red: Excellent .condition ; 50 m.p.g. Taxed and immured. (14)).

Reason for sale. Tel Hillside (London) 6504. (4460 EXCEPTIONAL ALVIS SPEED TWENTY-FIVE starts s,.100,I. Jingine completely rebuilt by Alvis Ltd. ni 1950 at a cost of (750; converted to twill exhausts at same time. Many extras : double twin lawns, twitter, automatie rear blind, twin water jets for cleaning windscreen, etC., etc. This Oar has really exceptional top gear performance above 85 m.p.h.; Maximum speed untried as yet but above 95 mph, Tel : Chalfont St. Giles 432. (4457 1935 MORRIS “10/6 ” special sports tourer. New hood and SereellS, t Win S. U. eiidalfetteln, Was! tyres. Evenings-. Jones, 17, Windsor House, Red hill Street, N.W.1. (4458 290 (OR VERY NEAR)—the lot. For ante: two

600 by 19 wheels ; one radiator ; One Darracq 1925 ” 12132” Sportsin rebuilt stage ; one Darracq 1025 ” 12/32 ” chassis :; lots of Spares. Broondiall, Braeside Wood I Ane, Dartford, gent. 4.159 M.G. “PA,” 1035. Blaek, red leather. Excellent condition throughout ; 35 m.p.g.; no oil. Engine completely overhauled 1950. Five tyres as new ; taxed ; Mimed to end of year. .Reason for sale-new car. Available May 10th. (325.. D. EdWards, 18. I Torrington Gardens, S.W.7. ; Frobisher 3197 [4461

TYPE 328 FRAZER-NASH-R.1CW, Hirth gearbox Bristol oil pump, Lucas racing magneto. Exten swely overhauled summer 1950, only 3,000 mile, since. Crankshaft ground, new Glacier mains and big-ends, rings, push-rods, etc. Also new hood and resprayed grey. All good tyres and two extra Elektron wheels with racing cOet.TS. New clutch and battery just fitted and brakes relined. Whole air 1(0 per cent. arid equally suitable business, pleasure or sports-car racing. Price (885. Also Lancia Augusta saloon, 1035. Recent complete engine overhaul by West cost 4;70. Mechanically excellent—all good tyres. Price (325. Advertiser will demonstrate these cars in London ‘Sr Herts. Tel. : Essendon 385, or write’: Box No. 1062, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1. [4466 LEA-FRANCIS, 1931, ” 12i40,” foursome ang)e. Brake…) Wined, tyres good. Generally sound but bodywork a bit rough. Insured September. Taxed June. 020. Box No. 1098, Monut SPotcr, 15, City Road, E.C.1. (4467 BOOKS :

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