A record of some of the nicknames of the colonial sections may be of interest : Pomona, Yewdiss Mount, Fawkergive Way, Julius Cmsar's Cemetery, Doantby Rash, Shallweed Alley, Scottsbrum Pasture, Mutere Down, Crankease Crag; these pleasant titles give one a very good idea of what the hardy riders had to put up with for 80 miles; only about 15 miles of good road were included. The awards are as follows :—

No team qualified. Raymond Bailey Trophy T. B. Flintoff (amateur on Sun


Club Team Prize ... Keighley Number One.

H. Fernside, Sunbeam.

A. Jackson, A.J.S.

W. H. Smith, B.S.A. Leeds Scott Team— A. Bryden } J. S. White

Scott. F. Palmer

Folbigg Cup ••• A. Hill, Scott.

Galloway Cup F. T. Sibley (Rudge and Sidecar).

Special Trade Prize ... F. Palmer tied with A. Jackson. Scott Trophy Myers' Cup


The M.C.C. have decided to recognise the sporting spirit which prevailed in their recent run to Lugano by giving first-class awards to all cars and motor-cycles which reached the finish under their own engine power. Many stopped to assist their fellow competitors who were stranded by the wayside, thus prejudicing their own chances of success; they now have the satisfaction of reaping their reward.


Entries to the extent of over one hundred were received by this club for their inter-club trials on October the 3rd. Sunshine and a big attendance combined with excellent racing to form an enjoyable spectacle.

The star performers were : Rolfe (Amilcar), Constable (Morgan), Jones (Bugatti), and E. Hillary (Frazer Nash); the latter won two events.

The most interesting feature of the day was the Joyce-Frazer Nash duel. Frazer Nash eventually vanquished the A.C. by 1-5th of a second.


Only one award was qualified for in the recent London to Beggar's Roost and back run, but, owing to the exceptional conditions which prevailed, the Committee decided to give medals to all finishers. The following received the Special Endurance medal : H. Clifton R. E. Dunkley W. Cato ... W. E. Heard F. W. S. Osborne L. A. Dearth W. E. Bristow R. T. Bowen S. R. Mardon

H. Dry ...

G. W. Copeland C. D. Noel ...

Rudge. Sunbeam. A. J .S.

P. &M. Raleigh. Rudge. Sunbeam. New Hudson. Raleigh. B.S.A.

P. & M. Scott.

Invitation Cup won by R. Allen, P. & M.


This year the Oxford University M.C. and the Cambridge University M.C.C. are combining to run their Inter-Varsity Reliability on November 7th on a bigger scale than last year, when the poor support it received was hardly merited. The trial will start from the Railway Hotel, Harpenden, about 10 o'clock, and after an eighty mile course will finish at the same point. The piece de resistance is the "Tunnel Slide" and here one should take up one's position early, as if it rains

some fun will be seen. The premier award is a very fine challenge cup pre

sented by Motor rye! ing.


At Hendre Park, Monmouth, on September 26th, this club held a very successful meeting. The speed trials were run over a very fast course, which was covered in least time by A. Grey on an o.h.v. Norton.

Results : 350 c.c. Sidecar, T. F. Lucas, A.J.S.

350 c.c. General, W. B. Davies (Dot). 350 c.c. Novice, J. Case (A.J.S.). 500 c.c. Novice, R. Cam beley (Omega). 500 c.c. General, A. Grey (Norton). 600 c.c. Sidecar Novice, F. Wheat (Norton). 600 c.c. Sidecar General, A. Grey (Norton). 750 c.c. Novice, D. W. Sparkes (Cotton). 1000 c.c. Novice, D. W. Sparkes (Cotton). 1000 c.c. General, A. Grey (Norton).

A. Grey, fastest time for the 700 yards, was 25.7 secs.


After an easy run in the London—Oxford—London on September 27th, members of this club were treated to a sporting trial on October 4th. A fifty mile course included much bad going and mud was in the ascendant.

Gold Medal— L. F. Southwood 0.11.v. Norton.

Silver Medals— J. Scott Edmund.

H. Slater o.h.v. Enfield.

Bronze Medals— E. Larter 350 Indian.

P. Hames Triumph.

R. Humphreys 980 Coventry Eagle &S/c.

A. Colmer o.h.v. Norton.


This club closed its summer season with a Dance on October 20th.