".... I want a car please-



“….I want a car please— any old thing will do.”

WHEN you bought your car you did not go into a showroom and say “I want a car please—any old thing will do.” Yet hundreds of motorists buy the oil upon which the performance and life of their car depend with as little discrimination. Are you one of these. Think a moment. You may know the nallle of the oil you use—there are very many reputable oils on the market. But do you know that however carefully a lubricant has been prepared its reliability inside your engine depends ultimately upon the crude oil from which it is made.*

Because R.O.P. is made from the crude which is scientifically attested to be the finest in the world I9r lubrication purposes it cannot fail to be, out of the many good oils, the best.

Next time you fill up say R.O.P.—and mean it. *R.O.p. is blended from pure Caucasian Crude—the oil with the recognisea higfest lubrication

factor of any cl tide oil the world produces.

This means free flowing when c31c1 –highest resistance to heat—indestructible protection against friction— absolute safety for ycur engine throughtut its entire temperature range from dead cald to over hot.

There is a grade of R.O.P. Oil to snit every type of engine-.standardised after exhaustive irdividual tests and cirefully charted for your pzotcction. Any g wag or filing station will supply ycu with R.O.P. Oil. MOTOR OIL ALSO USE R.O.P. SPIRIT THAT’S THE SPIRIT

Russian Cil Products, Ltd., Moorgate Hall, London, E.C.2.

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