M. Camilli, vice-president of the A.C. du Midi, journeyed to Paris last month on a most unpleasant errand. He had to explain to the Sporting Commission of the A.C.F. why his club had permitted foreigners to drive in the Grand Prix d’Albigeois, an event only entered on the

National Calendar. Incidentally, not only did foreigners drive in the race, but they also won it, and two Englishmen at that ! Anyway, for their misdeeds the Club was find 1,000 francs, and disqualified from holding another race until after October 15th, 1935. At this latter thrust,

NI. Camilli produced such a convincing defence that the second portion of the penalty was cancelled and the 1935 Grand Prix d’Albigeois is safe after all. But apparently not for Englishmen, which is a blow to many plans already formulated by drivers over here.